Man Behind CryptoPay Mail Bomb Has Been Found Guilty and Sentenced

Man Behind CryptoPay Mail Bomb Has Been Found Guilty and Sentenced

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A previously reported court trial of an incident involving, a Swedish man, a London based blockchain company—Cryptopay and a letter bomb has come to an end with the sentencing of the mail bomb sender. The mail bomb sender has been identified to be a 43-year old Swedish man named Jermu Michael Salonen.

Salonen Sent a Bomb to Cryptopay

The investigators from London has made known the reason why Salonen sent the bomb package. It was reported that he sent the bomb basically because Cryptopay has decided not to honor his request for a password change.

Salonen sent an email to Cryptopay’s customer care, requesting for a password change. However due to the company’s terms of service and for security reasons, is request was denied.

The police have also reported that the bomb sent was not a dud. It was a real bomb that could have led to the death of whoever opens it.

Commander Clarke Jarrett, the head of the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command, made this known in a statement which reads that:
“Salonen seemingly made and sent a device that had the capability to seriously harm and even kill over something as inconsequential as a change of password,”

Mail opening Technique Saved Mail Opener

A previous report made it known that a former accounting services provider to Cryptopay— Accountancy Cloud, received the package in November last year. Due to the careful nature of the employee who opens the mail package, the bomb was not triggered. The report made it known that the accounting firm’s technique of opening an envelope from the middle also played a major role in averting a disaster.

Jarrett made this known through a statement here:
“It was due to sheer luck that the recipient ripped opened the package in the middle rather than using the envelope flap which would have activated the device.”

A recent report made it known that Salonen has been found guilty and sentenced to six-year behind bars.