Dachcoin: An Effective Tracker For Your Cryptocurrency Investor

Dachcoin: An Effective Tracker For Your Cryptocurrency Investor

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Dachcoin is a cryptocurrency that can effectively play a monitoring role for a user on all that matters in coin markets. By this, I definitely refer to coin prices. To be clear, the platform itself goes by the name DACHex Crypto Tracker. Dachcoin provides liquidity for this platform.

Dachcoin, therefore, empowers a user to effectively keep track of crypto market and prices. The platform has a simple, user-friendly and contemporary design. Besides, there are plenty of awesome features and continuous updates by the development team.
Joining the platform is equally easy. As a matter of fact, registration is free. There are two kinds of membership: basic and premium. The latter, as you would probably guess, has more options and a user can access perks such as Banner Ads Management, ANNs (new Coins) and Dashboard integration.

Accordingly, this is a coin you need to effectively monitor your cryptocurrency interests. Let’s look at some of the key features of Dachcoin.

DACHex features

This platform is loaded with impressive features that will likely spur growth going forward:
1. The platform lists over 1,600 cryptocurrencies. This means that you can have an awesome tracking tool for your cryptocurrency interests in real-time. Accordingly, you don’t have to juggle exchanges to keep tabs with your holdings. This means that for an avid investor, using DACHex can make your activities simpler. You can effectively track your profits using the real-time alerts. This can help you make better investment decisions. After all, the better informed you are, the higher the quality of your decisions.
2. DACHex also lists many significant ongoing ICOs. Again, this is another feature primed for a dynamic investor. The real-time ICO tracker is a utility feature an investor could use.
3. The platform has information on significant exchanges. This feature works for investors, traders and even regular coin holders. As you would probably know, information on an exchange, particularly regarding fees and security, is crucial when making transactions.
4. Masternodes are Virtual Private Servers that help maintain a cryptocurrency network. Masternodes and the Proof of Stake mechanism help to ensure better decentralization, transaction efficiency, and overall blockchain performance. Besides, you can invest in a Dach coin Masternode and earn from the regular Dach rewards from maintaining the network.
5. This platform has great partners. They are PandaBot, MasternodesRank.com, and MNMarketCap.com. These partners are effective for networking and exposure and show the seriousness of the development team in ensuring overall growth.

Proof of Stake

Proof of stake is the consensus mechanism that Dachcoin relies on to optimize performance. POS is an alternative to the traditional Proof of work that Bitcoin utilizes. POS makes transactions faster and uses less energy in the mining operation making the network faster and more secure.

This system relies on Masternodes to function smoothly. Notably, an investor needs about 5000 DACH to be able to run a Masternode.

You might think that some nefarious users may try to cheat or corrupt the system. However, this simply does not hold because it would be detrimental to their own earning power using the Masternodes. Therefore, Masternodes in their very design incentivize owners to effectively contribute to the network.

Timeline and Future Prognosis

Dach coin is relatively new having been launched in July 2018. The Masternodes presale, website launch, and wallet launch all took place in August. At the moment, the focus is really on building the platform and getting important listings such as CoinMarketCap and Changelly. You can easily buy and sell DACH on Shapeshift and Changelly. This means that this is a crucial part in the platform’s timeline and might very well be the right moment to invest in anticipation for remarkable growth.

Besides, given the fact that this is a coin that is themed on tracking cryptocurrency activity an overall improvement would be great for uptake. It goes without saying that much of 2018 has been painfully slow for coin markets. A bull market would be fantastic for usage and growth. It is, therefore, a coin you can hold for potentially explosive growth when coin markets go up again.


In summary, this is one decent coin to get your hands on. The utility function, as well as utilization of Masternodes, makes this one of the coins best positioned to grow exponentially. Not only is this a coin with real-world relevance but also greatly adds value to the operation of an ordinary investor. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, this is one excellent option.


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