DappGram – A New Social Messaging and Trading Community App has Been Launched in New York

DappGram – A New Social Messaging and Trading Community App has Been Launched in New York


A Telegram-like app called DappGram has just been launched in New York City. According to the report announcing the app, the app is designed to enhance smooth communication among blockchain users in every corner of the world.

DappGram has More Blockchain Focused Features Than Telegram

Although similar in function to Telegram when considering the communication aspect, the DappGram has many features which distinguish it from Telegram. Such features include quotes, transactions, wallet and chatting. It allows users to chat with various project communities hence, monitoring real-time market transactions.

According to the developers of this app, the lopsided exchange of information between users and blockchain companies is a major challenge in the blockchain world, as such, DappGram will help bridge the barrier.

An interesting the App is that it allows users to perform their registration with just their mobile number without any form of complication. DappGram is designed to offer a full range service such as real-time transaction, information access and lots more.

The DappGram project manager made it clear that “community+transaction” is beyond being an ordinary model of innovation, it is also a form of empowerment restoration to the community. The community will function beyond an ordinary social platform, it will also serve as a micro-exchange which possesses everything needed for the smooth running of blockchain ecosystem. On the platform, users will also be given back the right to make trading rules, which is unlike Telegram.

Interestingly, all company’s on the project, do not have to invest so much in promotional IPO. This is because the app allows each authorized companies to start mining and define their own terms with their respective community. It will also bring about a significant reduction in cost.

The App is set to Take Over

According to the press release, “DappGram is more than an ordinary social network based Dapp, it has been projected to become the largest and best-connected platform in the blockchain industry and aimed to help blockchain players as much as possible.”