Degen.VC | Helping New Projects Launch and Grow with the Community

Degen.VC | Helping New Projects Launch and Grow with the Community


The concept of Degen.VC is bustling with ingenuity and utility. In a normal world, the venture capitalists fund and help a startup grow, but they also eat up most of the profits, if not in terms of equity, it can be in terms of providing marketing power or anything else.

The result leaves the founder(s) at the mercy of the VCs to get their minimal profits, while the big guys’ control the market, money, and the product or solution itself. Degen.VC has built a decentralized venture capitalist funding platform for everyone that brings a new and innovative way of crowdfunding a new project with the help of cryptocurrency and Uniswap.

As a token of reward for the user’s participation, Degen.VC holds airdrops (they call then #alphadrops) periodically that help the founders give back to the users. With this, Degen.VC wants to bring the venture capital returns into the hands of people and not swell the already bloating venture capitalists’ profits.

Power to the Founder and the Funder

There are two vital aspects of every funding project on Degen.VC, these are the project fundamentals and the support structure. Both of these decide the launch possibility of every project.

All the projects are first scrutinized and authenticated by the Degen.VC team. At times, the assessment process might also involve the team giving suggestions to improve the solution and get a better response. The fact that everything on Degen.VC is powered by the principles of decentralization; the founders feel safe to put the fate of the launch in the hands of the community.

Because it is the people that will end up using the product, it will be great to allow the users to decide the fate of the project. For the funding individuals, the authentication of the project can be self-attested after looking at the pitch deck and the presentation.

#Alphadrop (Airdrop) Tokens to Get Funding

Airdrop means that the project requiring funding will provide some percentage of the tokens beforehand to the Degen.VC community members as a reward. So, besides the users getting access to better funding avenues, the airdrop of the project, the users are funding will also help them grow.

In return for the airdrop, the users need to be $DGVC liquidity providers on Uniswap.

The airdrop commitment precedes the pool. This also acts as a motivator for the users to look at the project’s ability and the rewards that follow its success. Another ingenious concept of Degen.VC is that the users can also pool the airdropped tokens to empower the market further.

Curation Market, Pure Launch and Liquidity Mining Protocol

Value Creation, Coordination, and Controlling Inflation are the three major issues that are solved via Degen.VC’s curation market functionality. Since Degen.VC is going to collate several projects on the platform, their voting and creative direction can be identified with the help of the curation market.

Pure Launch ensures an effective and seamless alphadrop sequence that is preceded with a pragmatic token lock for viable funding. Pure Launch is the innovative approach taken by Degen Labs that includes designing the project, conducting the airdrop, and then helping it grow.

With the help of these aspects, Degen.VC aims to help the startups and new projects succeed holistically.

Degen Labs

Degen Labs is the winning combination of features and aspects that helps every new project succeed. It starts with creating a Uniswap market for the project, followed by pragmatic locking of the tokens.

The projects are shared on the platform for the users by taking inspiration from the locked tokens with the DGVC LP. The airdrop rewards are sent to the user DGVC LP Wallets. Once the project gets some funding, the community starts to propagate it further and look after its development.

To Sum it Up

Degen.VC is an extraordinary project that helps other crypto startups launch, deploy, and grow by creating a dedicated community for its overall development. By creating a reliable wallet system and airdrop towards each of the funding members, the users are aptly incentivized, and they can also help vote for the project’s development.