Developer Creates Decoy Photo Gallery App Which Hides A BCHLight Wallet

Developer Creates Decoy Photo Gallery App Which Hides A BCHLight Wallet


A new type of Bitcoin Cash application has been launched says some report. Bchgallery as the app is called is an Android-based BCH, wallet which is camouflaged as a generic photo gallery app and its main goal is to reinforce security via anonymity.

Developer Launches Fake Wallet Called Bchgallery

A developer who goes by the name Pokkst has launched a new android BCH light client called Bchgallery. The application is a decoy for the BCH wallet and it allows its users to save money while hiding behind the application.

The application functions by using a fake home screen and whenever the wallet opens for the first time, the user is expected to create a PIN. In order to make use of the wallet more hidden, the title bar for the application has to be tapped 5 times in order to have access to the PIN screen. MN ml MLB

The wallet can be used to pay for services such as Bitpay invoices because of some features it possesses such as the application’s support for both BIP70 and the BCH Cashaddr address.

The wallet is able to go into offline mode in order to compose raw transaction hexes to NFC tags. Also, the wallet supports the Cash Accounts protocol which was developed by Jonathan Silverblood.

Following the launch of Electron Cash Cashshuffle and Neutrino, Bchgallery wallet joins the list of effective privacy style wallet in the BCH ecosystem.

The developer of the Bchgallery application Pokkst is a “crypto household” name as he has been involved in the development of virtual currency applications for some time now. He has created several BTC wallets which includes Apollo Wallet, the Orion Client, Server, and Crescent Pay, and he developed an application called Procedural Pass.