Dike.Finance – The Decentralized Trading Platform With Transparency, Privacy And Secured Credit

Dike.Finance – The Decentralized Trading Platform With Transparency, Privacy And Secured Credit


LONDON – UK / “With DIKE.finance, we create a transparent, secure, and trustworthy space where transactions are processed through blockchain technology with smart contracts instead of a central server. Therefore, concern about non-transparency and insecurity will no longer be an issue.”, said the founder of DIKE.

The credibility of centralized trading platforms is eroding as a result of increased vulnerabilities caused by hackers. In this case, a decentralized trading platform that adapts transparency, security, and safety for users appear as an inevitable development. A new milestone for the future’s electronic finance industry finally sets its foot.

Security and Privacy on DIKE.finance

Having removed the need for a third party, DIKE does not require users’ personal information while trading, which prevents the risk of personal data breaches, fund loss, and thefts.

DIKE’s secured credit

Entrusting money is not necessary, the cryptocurrency used for the transaction will be integrated with the user’s MetaMask wallet. DIKE does not hold nor interfere with users’ wallets.

Transparency of DIKE platform

With the smart contract usage model, the data on DIKE reflects the actual trading volume, there is no chance of counterfeiting and price manipulation.

The good news is there will be awards for users who spot price anomalies on the platform.

The model of DIKE

DIKE.finance provides an exceedingly basic model for predicting market volatility, even for new investors. Users will be able to collect winnings at any time in the future. The issuer will take 2-3% of the reward value for operations, system maintenance, events, etc. 2-3% of the reward value will be retained to pay dividends to investors who hold DIKE tokens.

DIKE Token

DIKE is proceeding to issue tokens using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a maximum supply of 128 million tokens. The token distribution is allocated in the following manner:

Users who hold DIKE tokens will have certain benefits:

  • ​​When trading with DIKE token pairs, users’ fees will be decreased.
  • Dividends are distributed twice yearly (on June 30 and December 31), which is unprecedented.

DIKE token holders can swap directly to BUSD on DIKE.finance.

To sum up, DIKE.finance is a decentralized trading platform launched in August 2021 applying a smart contract usage model on a blockchain platform. It is the breakout solution for trading that is transparent, secured, private, and also a potential platform that will take your trading experience to the next level.

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