How to Earn 15% Yearly with PointPay during COVID-19 Crisis?

How to Earn 15% Yearly with PointPay during COVID-19 Crisis?


World Bank predicts poverty for 60 million people due to pandemic. Because of the coronavirus outbreak shutting down economic activity, more than 60 million people could be forced to live on less than $2 a day. This will inevitably make people look for additional sources of income enabling everyone to make money remotely, far from office.

In this regard, a lot of economists advise taking a closer look at blockchain startups from the decentralized finance industry (DeFi). These companies offer their customers to earn on cryptocurrency deposits. The interest rates for such deposits are usually larger in comparison with conventional banks. The best example of such a company is PointPay, which was elected the best blockchain startup of 2019 at Blockchain Life conference, the largest in Eastern Europe.

Features of the platform PointPay

PointPay has created the first in the world blockchain-based bank enabling their clients to open crypto checking and savings accounts, and earn daily compound interest on Bitcoin (6.1% APR), Ethereum (6.1% APR), Tether USD (8% APR), tokenized gold (5% APR) and their own PointPay token PXP (15% APR) which is sold on PointPay Token Sale Platform.

Another convenient feature of PointPay blockchain-based bank is that its clients can purchase the cryptocurrencies, which were mentioned above, with PointPay Payment System. It allows users to instantly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD with the use of credit or debit cards for fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, and many others).

Moreover, with the use of PointPay blockchain-based bank, you can easily send crypto funds to your friends or relatives. They will receive them within a few minutes already. PointPay Payment System allows selling crypto funds and receiving conventional fiat money to a credit or debit card: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, and many others.

Experts predicts growth

Experts believe that the crypto market will reach $4 trillion by 2025. None of this should be surprising if cryptocurrencies will help the manhood to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and support the livelihood activity of households.