World’s First Cross-chain Wallet to Support BTC

World’s First Cross-chain Wallet to Support BTC

Cross-chain Wallet

The team behind the world’s first cross-chain wallet, Theia Wallet, has made it known that it is on track with its goals, through a recent announcement that its 1.0 version beta test is now live. The 1.0 version of the beta test is set to support bitcoin public chain.

Over 100,000 Beta Testers

So far the team behind the wallet has made it known that over 100,000 active beta testers participated in the initial beta testing. With the second part of the beta testing announced recently, more users are expected to participate.

Theia Wallet

The Theia multi-crypto wallet is said to work based on a cross-chain technology. The wallet has also been identified to function as a traffic portal to provide main chain as well as Dapp with solutions for user assets management and ecological landing applications.
The wallet is also the world’s first user directed ICO launch platform. So far the waller supports the storage of WAN coin, WRC-20, and ERC20 tokens.

Based on a report, the coin is developed using the Wanchain cross-chain technology, thereby imbibing all the characteristics of the Wanchain cross-chain technology. The wallet is expected to help breach the gap between several different blockchain based tokens as time goes on.

Wanchain’s Cross Chain Mechanism,

In Wanchain’s cross chain mechanism, the cross chain transaction ensures, that instead of being a lone-entity the node is a consensus group.

By providing interconnectivity between multiple crypto assets across the blockchain, Theia allows the co-existence of several digital crypto wallets and coins cutting across different chains.

In relation to this release, Founder of Theia, Jin Huayue, was quoted as saying:
“We always insist on emphasizing technology and true value. The model of Internet technology development will be reproduced in the blockchain. As a developer who is enthusiastic about technology, we should continue to improve and expand the functionality of this technology and explore more possibility. The vision of Theia is to achieve the circulation of digital assets, virtual goods, physical asset warrants, etc. And it will serve the global production, consumption and trade field widely, in order to achieve the integration and circulation of multi-category digital assets, to explore the new value of economics and sociology.”