Flits [OLD]

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Masternode and staking app

Update – Checkout Flits 3

Flits is a mobile app, which can be used to manage all your investments on your phone.

The app is going to simplify investment process for you. Deposit the bitcoin and buy the amount of coins you want directly. Then start a (shared) masternode, but also you can stake coins. Thereafter you can sell your reward (automatically) through use of the app. This app functions removes the need of using the exchanges.

This new project Flits comes from the same creators of the Klimatas and Dutch Crypto Works. Flits is the Dutch word for ‘flash’ which is a synonym for the word ‘fast’.


When someone wants to become a masternode holder or become a staker, there are line of an activities that you must do to set up process. The first, one needs a funds in the exchange where the coin is located, the second step would be to make a purchase of desired coins. There is need also for each coins personal wallet where you will send a coins. After the coins are in your wallet, the next step is that you are required to make certain configurations so that your masternode or staking activities can run well. There is complicate process for average user in order to set up proper run of a masternode and therefore many people leave this for others.

Flits solutions

Through use of the Flits app users will get a lot of features. Here are few of them that allows to manage investments anywhere, anytime.

Deposit and Invest Bitcoin

One can deposit Bitcoin in the Flits app. It will be added to the balance after 2 confirmations. You’ll be able to invest this right away in masternode or staking coins. One can buy any amount he desires and use it directly to stake or invest in (a part of) a masternode. The rewards you’ll receive can also directly be sold to Bitcoin. In a future there might be other coins used for payment – Litecoin or USDT.

Starting a masternode with just a few clicks

Deposit your coins on the Flits app and use them directly to start a masternode. You can also take part in a shared masternode. Deposit any amount of coins you wish in a masternode. You’ll receive a push message on your phone when the masternode is filled and starts running. If you want a dedicated masternode: invest in the collateral and the masternode will be set up for you.


Many coins offer staking to earn rewards. Flits platform will make sure this is possible with every coin that the app can offer. You can deposit any amount and receive rewards based on the amount you own. A rewards will be paid 4 times a day.


Project’s team has more than 6 years of experience in security coding. These servers will be protected well. Team plans to have a security audit carried out every month. In order to ensure the safety you will also be able to set up a two-factor authentication with your phone number.

Flits Coin

Flits coins will be used as a payment tool for all features contained in Flits app. By using Flits coins, you as a user will have its own advantages.

Below is a fee that project will apply when you use Flits app services.

  • $ 4.99 a month for a full collateral when paid in FLS
  • $ 7.49 a month for a full collateral when paid in a different currency

When someone owns more than 10 masternodes, he gets a 10% monthly discount. If you invest in the presale, you will enjoy a premium status in the app which grants you a 50% discount forever.

Coin specification

Coin name: Flits
Ticker: FLS
Algorithm: Quark
Type: Proof of Stake / Masternodes
Maximum supply: 10 000 000 FLS
Premine: 110 000 FLS
Blocktime: 60 seconds
Collateral: 1000 FLS


The presale will have three stages. Project will sell a maximum of 60 Flits masternode. When Phase 1 is sold out, team guarantees listing to CryptoBridge.

Phase 1
20 masternodes priced at 0.4 BTC each

Phase 2
20 masternodes priced at 0.5 BTC each

Phase 3
20 masternodes priced at 0.6 BTC each

Maximum of 60 masternodes (60,000 FLS) will be sold. If nodes are not sold out, project will burn the remaining of the 60,000 FLS reserved in premine. Maximum purchase limit for 1 address is 5000 FLS. Flits Coins won’t be sold separately.


Q1 2019
  • Build FLITS App
  • App redesign
  • Android app finished
  • Adding Feature
  • Bitcoin deposit and buy/sell function (coins will be bought/sold in exchanges)
  • Adding News services for coins. (Coins can post updates to the app which users can see; they also can enable push notifications for this)
  • Instruction video on how to use FLITS app
Q2 2019
  • Pre-Sale
  • Marketing Activity
  • iOS app
  • Exchange Listing (CryptoBridge)
  • Voting contest for free coin listing
  • Release Flits API, allowing you to create your own interface
  • Start developing Flits for Mac
  • Flits Web, iPad and tablet version
Q3 2019
  • Adding more Exchanges
  • Apply to Coinmarketcap (CMC)
  • Release Flits for Mac
  • Adding more projects to FLITS App
Q4 2019
  • Roadmap update


Mitchel van Amstel – Managing director & Developer
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Koen van Griensven – Managing director & Marketing
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Dave Hofland – Managing director & Support Manager
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