The Flits App— Safest Way to Make Money on the Crypto Market Using Your Mobile Device

The Flits App— Safest Way to Make Money on the Crypto Market Using Your Mobile Device

Flits app

The use of mobile phone and tablet PCs over big-screen computers has increased significantly in recent times. This makes it almost impossible to sideline the idea of having a mobile app for any project online.

With a large population of the world owning a smartphone, accessing an online platform on the go has become easy. This is what makes the Flits Staking App perfect. The app is a clear indication of how blockchain technology can be integrated with existing technology. The app which is available for both Android and iOs users makes it possible for anyone with little or no knowledge of blockchain technology or how DLT works to make money from investing in the crypto market.

How to Make Money Using the Flits App

The Flits App works based on the principle of masternodes. As such, the masternodes of coins which are making use of the Proof of Stake governing consensus are being made available for direct purchase using the app. So instead of having to go through the stress of setting up your own masternodes, which usually require technical know-how of the subject, all you need do is to download and install the Flits App. Once you have the Flits App installed on your Android or iOs device, with just a few clicks you can start to make money hosting your own masternodes.

Cost of Using the Service

Currently, the Flits App is free to use for a period of 30 days after which you will be required to pay a monthly access fee. This fee is usually being deducted from the main balance, so you do not have to worry yourself about this. So as long as you have enough fiat invested on the platform, your monthly subscription fee will be covered by the profit you are making.

Features of the Flits App

User-Friendly interface

The Flits App boast of a clean and easy to navigate user interface. This makes it possible for anyone to buy masternodes easily and make money from it without stress.

Push Notifications Friendly

Push notification still remains one of the major benefits of using a mobile platform. This is why the Flits App team made sure to provide users with a comprehensive list of push notification options. Here are the push notifications currently enabled on the App

  • Masternode ready to start
  • Online wallet deposit received
  • Fee deposit received
  • Incoming chat message from support
  • Daily fee payment
  • Warning 5 days before if you are running out of fee balance (and every day until it’s empty)
  • Trade (partially) filled
User Have Control Over Their Wallets

As a flits App user, you have the ultimate control over your wallets. You can also delete your wallet if you no longer need it. In cases whereby wallets are deleted with coins in them, all you need to do is to just add the wallet again and your coins are back.

Hosting a masternode has ultimately become one of the safest ways to make money on the crypto market right now. The idea of hosting a masternode which is a quite complicated process, on a mobile device is surely an innovative one which deserves all the push the crypto space can give it. Not only does this help to bring in more fiats into the crypto market, but it also makes making money in the space safe.