Giacomo Arcaro with Trump’s Family and Nigel Farage talking about Bitcoin

Giacomo Arcaro with Trump’s Family and Nigel Farage talking about Bitcoin

Giacomo Arcaro

There’s been a meeting between Nigel Farage, and Giacomo Arcaro.

The odd couple met for the first time in Florida @ Mar-a-Lago, invited by Donald Trump for the Mother’s Day.

But what’s the common ground between the two of them?

Apparently, nothing, but I will tell you a single word: Perseverance.

Nigel Farage is the father of Brexit, as well a serial creator of parties as he stone cold left UKIP – the faction he nourished for 20 years – to begin a new adventure with the Brexit Party and was belittled during most part of his life by the political establishment, that always considered him as a foreign object.

Well, he ultimately was right and his Brexit dream is now a reality.

In the same way, Giacomo Arcaro has been a serial creator of companies, and when he left his last to start a new crypto adventure, he was covered by mud and disbelief from his entourage and the closest ones.

We could say that also his dream has come true.

With these premises, their encounter was not probable: inevitable.

First thing, they broke the (thin) ice speaking together with Eloisa Marchesoni about Brexit and how fulfilling is the city of London, then the conversation shifted about a more congenial ground of Giacomo: Bitcoin, passing through Ethereum, that, as Europe, during his lifetime passed through a lot of painful forks, getting up again and again always stronger than before.

Nigel said that, in the British parliament, a lot of people is bullish on ethereum, with turmoil about a regulatory sandbox for crypto and the common feeling between MPs, is an Ethereum that will flip the market capitalization of Bitcoin.

Speaking of politics, the last fork (Brexit) posed effectively Europe at risk, so this is the right time to create an USD asset-backed stablecoin for the European people: to avert the financial variables and the inflationary nature of Euro. “EURst is what the Europe needs now” said Giacomo: an European stable coin, driven by the need to overcome the limits of the single European currency.

It might seem counterintuitive, for the creator of Brexit, having a conversation about a European Crypto Coin, as Giacomo pointed out, and Nigel replied that he’s not “anti-Europe” but, merely, “anti-EU”.

Giacomo laughed: “yes…as you didn’t Brexit, but just forked from Bruxelles”.