GigaHash Miner Scam Exposed by Cryptoshib

GigaHash Miner Scam Exposed by Cryptoshib

Hi Guys so yesterday I checked details of GigaHash Miner ICO (

Things I found out about them were completely shocking and everyone must pay attention to the details when investing. There are several such ICOs running around, please be aware of such schemes and do in-depth research before you decide to invest your hard earned money.

Details about this scam –

1) TEAM MEMBERS – only 4 team members listed, after clicking on the linkedin button, it re directs to the website and not linkedin. If the project was real at least this would have been sorted. Also there is no BIO about the Team members. (BIG RED ALERT)

2) Whitepaper – inconclusive and not audited! A reputed project always gets the white paper Audited.

3) White Paper – copied from KLT TOKEN (not even bothered to change name lol) – proof with screen shot –

4) No Advisors – The project does not show or list any Advisor who have managed multi-million dollar business. As such project or any similar authentic project would require.

5) Product – there is no Github link of the project. The project working model’s code is not shared.