Global Investment Platform For All: Introducing Golden Ratio Holdings

Global Investment Platform For All: Introducing Golden Ratio Holdings

Investment platform Golden Ratio

Many countries have certain restrictions for alien citizens to buy property in that country. But that must not stop one from investing in real estate in a foreign nation, case in point, Golden Ratio Coin. Powered by Kuwait based Golden Ratio Holdings, this unique and innovative platform helps individuals buy, sell, and trade in digital goods, real estate, and property assets digitally.

Golden Ratio Coin or GOLDR is the native cryptocurrency token working on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain. The best thing about this particular establishment is that everyone can invest in this currency, irrespective of financial status. Apart from allowing users to buy and sell, the Golden Ratio Coin platform also executes smart contracts, verifiable by the blockchain.

Automatic Matching of Users

One of the smart and next-gen feature of Golden Ratio is its automatic matching of interested parties. GOLDR is the first service that uses AI to connect users interested in making a trade. This business of working almost works like a barter system, wherein the interested users are automatically connected, thus removing the need for an intermediator.

Also, both the users are well aware of each other’s interests and requirements, making the transaction smooth and frictionless. Users not only deal in land and other ready to move real estate properties, but also can trade other forms of digital assets.

Every transaction is stored on the public ledger, ensuring full-scale transparency. This transparency combats another aspect of real estate dealings where individuals can often fall into the mediator’s trap.

Multifaceted Aspects of GOLDR

Besides being a real estate marketplace, GOLDR can also be used to send and receive payments. This can be in the form of rent, buy other digital currencies, and trade of these assets.

The users can also mine coins and get rewards by adding new blocks and validating the smart contracts. Moreover, all the transactions ensure the user’s complete privacy and are conducted without inviting a transaction fee.

The global connectivity ensures precision interest matching that aligns with the user’s needs and requirements. The Kuwaiti Dinar backs the GOLDR crypto coin, and the entire work operations are conducted in a decentralized manner.

Any user can self-attest their identity and start using the marketplace while finding the right peer to transact.

Kuwait’s First AI-based Digital Currency

After being listed on the DigiDinar exchange platform, GOLDR will be accessible to users across the globe. Out of the pool of 350 million tokens, 150 million will open up for sale, and 10 million are kept under the hard cap, meaning that the investors can receive up to 10 million tokens out of the total pool.

While the operations run from Kuwait, users can join from all over the world and invest in properties that are listed on the platform. Since this is an AI-based marketplace, users need not search for their preferred property investment, as they will get suggestions from the platform with smart technology.

So, once a user invests or contributes to the development of a property or an establishment overseas, bypassing the regulations and country-specific rules, they will also get returns from the property through the platform in the form of equity, sale proceedings, or rent.

To start trading and transacting on the platform, users first need to buy GOLDR. Only after purchasing a minimum of 10 GOLDR can a user buy goods from the marketplace. Rest assured that all the transactions are backed by smart contracts and executed on the Ethereum Blockchain. So they are fast, secure, and transparent.

Future Plans of GOLDR

As of now, GOLDR is available for exchange on Hotbit, Probit, CITEX Global, CREX24, and Indoex. Furthermore, users can also trade GOLDR for other altcoins and bitcoin on Not only this, but the same platform also allows members to trade the parent cryptocurrency with other national fiat currencies.

The marketplace will be officially launched in March 2021, and from that moment, any user can start making investments, trading, and executing smart contracts from the platform.

About The Project

Golden Ratio Holdings has been operating in Kuwait for more than a year now. They have already built their reputation of being a digitally mature and future-ready real estate organization in Kuwait. With the AI-based blockchain-powered platform, the team wants to make real estate investable for everyone across the world.


Golden Ratio Holdings will reduce the vices of asymmetrical information, remove the communication gap, and address the market sentiment precisely.

Even though the ICO model of GOLDR is similar to others, the operating model, target audience, and the main product is unique and highly segregated. The GOLDR marketplace has the potential to unite the global real estate and digital assets market, all the while ensuring that it works without any central control.