GMO Internet has Postponed Shipment of its New Lines of Mining Hardware

GMO Internet has Postponed Shipment of its New Lines of Mining Hardware

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With the price of bitcoin getting stagnant and showing no signs of a major bull rally any time soon, the need for more efficient miners with higher hash rate and lower power consumption has become paramount. GMO Internet, which initially announced plans to launch two new lines of top-notch 7nm bitcoin mining rigs, which is fit for the current market condition has made it known that it will be postponing the shipment of the new 7nm bitcoin mining rigs.

A GMO Internet Broke the News

The news of the postponement was made known by a representative of the company. The two lines of miners which the company initially promised to start shipping are the B2 and B3 7nm ASIC bitcoin miners.

Initially, the company promised to start shipping the B3 ASIC miner by this month end while the shipping of the B2 was meant to have commenced since last month.

The rep who broke the news of the postponement has revealed that the shipment of these mining rigs will be delayed. No date has however been fixed for the shipment. On the subject of what might have led to the delay, the rep commented that:
“Just because the parts we need for our mining machines are actually very difficult to acquire right now … It is difficult to acquire some of the electronic components, such as resistors, due to the tight global supply-demand balance.”

He further stated that the company has not decided whether to ship any miners this year.

The Miners Were Sold Out

Based on a previous report, the B2 line was revealed in June this year. For the B3 line, the revealing ceremony took place the following month, July 2018.

Since then, the company has been making several follow-ups and adjustment to the overall aesthetics of the miners. For example, in August the B3 mining rig’s case was upgraded. The purpose of this upgrade as described by the company was to improve its cooling performance and operational stability.

The price of both miners was fixed at $1,999 and the company reported that the miners were sold out.

The representative who broke the news of the postponement made it known that anyone who asks for a refund will be given back their money, so this is not a stunt by the company to steal money from its customers.