Have you heard of the YUP? You should!

Have you heard of the YUP? You should!


In a bear market, we have seen numerous projects fail continuously or hit a dormant sleep of inactivity. However, one project which looks to be reaching out of the rubble is a small market cap project that has developed a core following.

Crowdholding.com (CH) has brought the creative side of crowdsourcing to the crypto world where they have tokenized a forum based model for giving feedback to projects from the community. Each user is tagged on their expertise and creates content to help businesses succeed from creative tasks given out by businesses. With varied tasks consisting of product testing, market research, growth hacking, and design support, it’s no wonder over 100 businesses have used their platform. With over 38,000 signups, the future looks bright.

CH built their app around their YUP token that fuels the Crowdholding ecosystem. The YUP is both bought as well as rewarded on their Dapp. So why is the YUP important? Here are 5 reasons of its potential:

1) 50% dividends to holders over 250,000 YUPs

Distributing dividends to the crowd has been their mission from the start. This month they launched exactly that.

Crowdholding takes a 10% cut of any transactions on the platform, and now, half of that cut will be redistributed to every person holding at least 250,000 YUP, every month! So the more activity on Crowdholding, the more benefit YUP holders get!

Oh, and in case you’re one of the people with a mountain of YUP, anyone holding more than 1,000,000 YUP will get 5 times as much!

2) Business purchase YUPs to place tasks

Businesses on the application pay for YUPs to place tasks, adding volume. The more tasks the more purchases occur. Those YUPs that are bought are then given as a reward to the users.

3) Users reward YUPs to place Tasks

Users are able to place tasks in YUPs and / or their desired ERC-20 token they want to reward CH users for solving their tasks. This has encouraged users to hold and earn to place tasks at the same time purchase YUPs to get instant access to place a task.

4) Value of their token is low

With a solid ranking on State of the Dapps, they are considered undervalued from the likes of many projects who still claim higher market caps. Many of these projects have failed to produce and are either dead or lacking any traction. With an ever-increasing active user base, they are emerging to become a strong working platform with a growing community.

5) Simple access to purchase YUP from their Dapp

You can buy YUP by clicking the buy button that is located on their Dapp. This allows easy access without the complications of going through an exchange. They also leverage the exchange (IDEX) on the backend for the transactions. From their buy button they price the exact exchange rate from Coin Market Cap indicator every Monday at 3PM CET time, thus as the week progresses the price is fixed from the buy button until the following Monday.

As the crypto market evolves and grows, we see platforms like Crowdholding becoming a major force in the crypto sphere as an innovative way to build a community, spread awareness and improve crypto projects. Sign up to Crowdholding by clicking here and start giving feedback to earn crypto.