Sakhi Coin: Every Year is a Winning Year

Sakhi Coin: Every Year is a Winning Year

Sakhi Coin

One thing the one year has proven in the crypto market is that everyone won’t yield profit. You will most likely lose money some years and others, you will make a lot of money.

For those who are fortunate enough to stumble on the staking package offered by Sakhi Coin and are okay with the making up to 800% of your initial stake in 360 days. Then every year becomes a positive one for you no matter what.

Delivering a steady APR of 800% and designed with earning potential in mind as well as a community care plan to help curb supply & maintain Value, Sakhi Coin is the next best thing when it comes to staking coins on the blockchain. Sakhi coin employs a Proof of Stake system in which users are able to stake their coins and receive compensation for supporting the network.

The two main focus of the Sakhi Coin blockchain project is to get it accepted as a way of payment by companies and businesses and to provide a decentralized exchange with many pairing options. Through this, it is clear that the project is a community-centric one.

Coin Presale

In April 2019, the Sakhi coin team made it known that a presale of their coins will be taking place and that anyone interested in getting the coins before it officially launches on major exchanges can do so by reaching out to the team. This news was met with great enthusiasm from the community. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm was not backed by action has the amount raised from the presale was small and it is not worth recording for the team.

As a result, the team made it known that everyone who bought coins during the short presale will be given a refund. All they need to do to get this refund is to reach out to the admins of the project, return the coins bought and they will get a refund. The coin return will be sent back to the premine wallet where it won’t stake.

This is a welcome development especially considering how fraudulent the crypto market has been, recently. This is a clear sign that the team behind the project mean business and are dedicated to the project.

The Sakhi project is something which will change the lives of those who are still struggling, and the team is dedicated to making sure every penny invested is worth it and recouped.

Another presale is expected to take place in the future and hopefully, more money will be raised then.

The team has also been focusing a lot of its attention on getting the recognition is deserve recently. With the Sakhi Coin banner carefully placed at the topmost ads are of the most popular crypto market data provider, the project has gained more member to its community.

Development of the SakhiDEX, which is the project’s official decentralized exchange will also be used as a medium of attracting more users to the project.

The exchanges’ usability, as well as an intuitive and easy to use user interface of the DEX is will make the SakhiDEX successful.

For those worried about the project not being able to deliver on its 800% APR promise, it is important that you know that the project has a state-of-the-art POS algorithm written to accommodate Scaling of the project and will not be a challenge.

So you have nothing to fear, you can invest as much as you want to and be rest assured that you will make back your investment.