HOKK Finance – Latest Developments, Partnership, Audit and Listing Updates

HOKK Finance – Latest Developments, Partnership, Audit and Listing Updates

HOKK Finance

GEORGETOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS / August 1, 2021 / HOKK Finance will be showcased at the Hackathon: Decentralized Finance event and billed as a meme utility token generating automated returns. HOKK Finance is the rebirth of HOKK, and has also been listed on Coinsbit.

HOKK Finance has created an affordable and internationally accessible payment system based on an inclusive financial system powered by the blockchain.

HOKK Finance has also been audited and on-boarded as of 7/17/2021 by CERTIK Audit

Community-Centric Defi Project

Following a fair contract launch, HOKK Finance has become a deflationary token by default as its whale holders have burned $1 million worth of HOKK tokens. As a result, the users on the platform will receive automated returns via a 2% redistribution fee in the form of Automated Rewards Farming (ARF).

The platform is devoted towards the community and wants to bring the benefits of crypto, meme, and open market to everyone. Joining the bandwagon of running meme-oriented platforms, HOKK Finance is innovating in the meme coin space, focusing on inclusivity.

Prima facie, the platform is built for enhancing utility and enhancing the adoption of the crypto space for different purposes. One example of the enhanced utility is the principle of utility that is meant to create equal opportunities for every user engaging with the platform.

HOKK Finance has also partnered with Shopping.io. Here, the users can buy products from Amazon and eBay with more than 100 cryptocurrencies. So, with such initiatives, HOKK Finance is integrating real-world financial needs with the crypto space.

Three-Tier HOKK Ecosystem

The users will interact with three unique forms of HOKK. The $HOKK is meant to become the Bitcoin of Defi and will work as a decentralized token that is free from manipulation. It will also become the primary transactional currency and act as a store of value for the HOKK financial system.

The $HOKKFI Utility Token is included in the future roadmap of the platform and will power HOKK Wallet, HOKK Pay, and HOKK Remit. HOKK Pay and Remit will help to operationalize the decentralized and global crypto payment systems.

The HOKK Wallet will be integrated with the ARF rewards, this will increase the wallet balance progressively, as the number of transactions increases on the platform.

The $HOKKFI Staking will begin after it goes live, and the users can then stake $HOKK to earn more tokens. Down the line, this three-tier ecosystem will be governed by the DAO, which will shift the power to the community.

About HOKK Finance

HOKK Finance is updated with a new version of HOKK. The new platform is considered as a rebirth of its predecessor and has brought in new community-centric aspects. The decentralized project is creating an ecosystem of meme utility added with an inclusive financial system. Considered as the next chapter in HOKK, HOKK Finance is providing access to decentralized payments and remittance systems enabling quick and secure international payments.

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