Intercrone: An Efficient Payment and Staking Solution

Intercrone: An Efficient Payment and Staking Solution

Intercrone project

The advent of cryptocurrency has brought about endless exciting possibilities for users and investors alike. Cryptocurrencies provide a unit of value, utility applications and even online casinos.

What is I told you there is a coin that combines all these possibilities? Well, most of them to be accurate. Regardless the point is that Intercrone is a dynamic coin that offers efficiency on many different planes.

InterCrone is a proof of Stake (POS) coin that offers a payment option for users and bills itself as the future of digital money. Edjowa Holdings Company released this coin that besides the payment option has other options like an integrated exchange. Moreover, you can invest hands-off using their virtual staking option and even utilize their online casino.

Proof of Stake Mining

Initially, the standard form of mining cryptocurrency was Proof of work (POW). However, this method evidentially became inefficient as time went by. As such, POS mining came about as a better and energy efficient alternative. As a matter of fact, Ethereum is planning to switch to proof of stake by 2020 to address some of the scalability issues facing the network.

How does Proof of stake function? POS is a simple mechanism that basically involves users earning coin for storing coin in the network wallets. Sounds too simple? Well, that’s all there is to it really. In effect, you keep your tokens in the Intercrone wallet and get tokens at ICR tokens at the end of a stipulated period.

POS is also great for the platform’s stability and ensures Intercrone prices will remain manageable. This is because there is an incentive to have a steady supply of coin within the network rather than hoarding in cold wallets. The latter affects the liquidity of a coin and promotes speculation which in turn increases volatility.

Background and Objective

You can’t talk about the history of Intercrone without mentioning Edjowa Company. Edjowa is actually a group of companies with ventures in the following sectors: gaming, a stock market, marketing, and of course the InterCrone project.

This is a reputable and accessible group based in Austria and Germany. You can access the team easily via email or an international telegram channel. Intercrone had an ICO crowdsale on 31 January 2018 and sold 10 million coins in the first 30 days.

This project will seek to take over cryptosphere and through industry-leading back office, virtual staking, payment gateway as well as an exchange, an online casino.

Intercrone Benefits

Intercrone stands out on account of its super-fast transactions. Notably, the platform has a block time of an impressive 3 seconds and needs only 3 acknowledgements to complete a transaction. Moreover, only transactions involving one user to another have a record on the blockchain.

Intercrone also boasts of a remarkable degree of flexibility. At the moment, the development team has an interesting feature in the pipeline. This feature will allow any InterCrone owner the possibility of using it for payments anywhere that cryptocurrency is an option.

At the moment, there are 72 businesses in 5 countries which already accept ICR. The team intends to raise this number to 100 by year’s close and even more in future.
Intercrone payment gateway facilitates these payments. The gateway makes payment easy for merchants. In effect, a merchant use ICR and the trader receives payment in their local currency.

Back Office

This is at the core of Intercrone operation. The back office runs and manages the important features of web wallet and virtual staking. The virtual staking feature is another that relies on this functionality.

Virtual Staking

Virtual staking involves an investor who wishes to cede some aspect of wallet management. It goes without saying that not everyone would typically want to keep their computer on all the time for staking rewards. This project, therefore, came up with virtual staking to serve such users.

Accordingly, you can pick from the options on the platform and lock your coins for the set amount of time. These periods range from 1 month to a year and the reward options range from 15% to 18% contingent on how long you lock your coins.

Edjowa Exchange and Casino

This project aims to have its own exchange as well. The distinct features of this exchange will low trading fees and round the clock support. This exchange will make the life of merchants really easy and ensure that the project as a whole gets more exposure in cryptosphere.

On the other hand, the casino will increase dynamism through Card games, Roulette tables and slot machines among others. These features will make Intercrone a one-stop shop with which users and investors alike will find great value. This project is progressing well and at the moment, the major ongoing event is the launch of the exchange.


From aforementioned, it is clear that this is a well-run project with a definite usability. In my experience, these are the two factors that determine how viable a project actually is. It is one to watch in the short and long-term future.