Interview With Blockchain Project Blocknode Team

Interview With Blockchain Project Blocknode Team

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Recently CryptoShib listed project Blocknode and now is time to get more insights about this project straight from their team members. Publishing Blocknode interview with project creators.

(CS) Your project description in two sentences.

Blocknode is a cryptocurrency that is harnessing the power of the proof of stake algorithm and masternode technology for use in business loyalty programs.

(CS) What is the goal of your project?

Adoption adoption adoption! We want regular people and businesses to benefit from running a masternode, embracing cryptocurrency where they did not see a use before. And not just some speculative tool.

We are aiming to change the business loyalty space. Allowing masternodes to be adopted by people who would have never thought to use them before, or maybe not even know what they are. We are a borderless, permissionless loyalty rewards program. As the working world moves into the cloud and out of offices: we see a huge gap in the market here. At the start – for small to medium enterprises running an energy efficient masternode – that generates income/tokens to give out and leaves the business with their original investment – and in a better position financially speaking. From our market research, this proved to be a very attractive option for business owners.

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with the idea of this project?

A close friend works for a loyalty program company. When they were asking questions about bitcoin it got us thinking as to how perfect the POS/Masternode reward structure could be for the industry. Especially in the business area as people move out of the physical office into the virtual office/cloud realm, and part of multinational teams.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects around if there are any?

Other loyalty cryptocurrencies do not use masternode technology, so businesses need to keep buying the tokens and giving them away. Whereas with BND once you’ve set up your MN you will be giving away “free coins” and keeping your initial investment.
We also already have partners on board using the system which is very rare.
We have HD wallet support, sidechains are in development and customised wallets for our partners, as well as our own one-click setup making it easy for anyone to deploy a Masternode.

(CS) Do you have a working platform already if such is planned?

Yes, we have a working product and we have businesses who are using the loyalty system already. You can find our more about them on our website.

(CS) Explain please more about reward system that you want to develop with your project?


(CS) Main benefits of your project in a few bullet points

  • Providing something useful and that is lacking in space.
  • The active team, in marketing and tech development.
  • Roadmap deadlines being met with extra releases added in.
  • Long-term vision.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed and will be a winner in a competition with other projects?

As above!

(CS) What is a guarantee of the stability of your project? If someone wants to invest and buy Blocknode – how to assure that your project will be around in long term?

There is no guarantee of success in this space, but one guarantee is that we carry on working hard and delivering on our promises no matter what. So we are confident that we will be one of the few MN projects that come out on the other side! We are careful with our funds and don’t just throw money away. We are always looking to add a new features and bring in new people that help the core team. We listen and respond to our community.

(CS) How did you team up with the members of your project team? Did you meet them online during project development or you knew them before? Tell us your story.

We have known each other for over 15 years and all have different skill sets that compliment each other. I am involved in the business development side of things, eyezee and Noded are both on technical development. We have all got 10 years+ in those respective fields.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years, where will be your project?

I would like BND to be used by hundreds of businesses around the world and large enterprise level operations to be be running side chains, alongside the BND mainchain.
Again – the key is adoption for us.

(CS) How to start to invest in your project?

You can buy BND on Cryptopia and

(CS) Where to get to know current news and trustable information about your project?

We are active on:
Discord Group

Telegram Group


(CS) Do you have anything else that you would like to add that we haven’t asked?

Keep an eye out on our upcoming releases which will be groundbreaking in the masternode space.


(CS) – CryptoShib

28th of November 2018