Interview With Blockchain Project DUDGX Team

Interview With Blockchain Project DUDGX Team

DUDGX interview

CryptoShib listed blockchain project DUDGX time ago and now would like to get more insights about this project from their team members. Publishing interview with project creators.


(CS) Give us your project description in two sentences.

DUDGX will be the first protective pads platform where you will be able to customize your protective pads for extreme sports, film and stunt industry. This will be done by using 3d scanning and 3d printing technology.

(CS) What is the goal of your project? Your project is a little unusual for blockchain projects as it is for a very specific target niche.

Our goal is to have at least 80% of our clients to purchase our products with DUDGXcoin.

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with the idea of this project and why to involve blockchain technology?

As stunt performers we have had problems with sizes of pads and them not offering correct protection or the ability to hide them under costume so we came up with the idea of creating costm padding. The blockchain would help us with faster transactions and minimum fees in comparison to Foreign Exchange.

What is the most unique thing about your project, how you could pitch it?

We don’t have to, this is a stunt performers/actor’s and an extreme sports enthusiast’s dream to have fully customized high-quality protective gear. We have established connections internationally and many of our future clients are waiting for our products with anticipation.

Have you already started to accept your cryptocurrency and do you have working or test platform? If not – then when is planned to go live with it?

We will be accepting DUDGX as a method of payment as soon as we release our products at the end of March 2019.

(CS) Main features and benefits of your project in a few bullet points

  • High-quality protection,
  • Customization
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fast Transactions

(CS) What is the guarantee of the stability of your project? If someone wants to invest and buy DUDGX – how to assure that your project will be around in long run?

Even though we have had a few setbacks we have showed continued determination, progress and even new ideas and developments.

(CS) How did you team up with the members of your project team? Tell us your story.

We have known each other most of our lives and have been working on making DUDGX a reality for a while until one day we have decided to go for it and give it a shot.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years, where will be your project?

I believe that DUDGX will become a household name in film industry and for all extreme activities as one of the leading protective padding brands.

(CS) How to start to invest in your coins and Masternodes?

I would recommend to all future investors to firstly read our white paper and familiarize themselves with our project as well as ask us any questions. The future investors may purchase DUDGX straight from developers but only limited amounts per person and on CREX24.

(CS) Where to get to know current news and trustable information about your project?

Discord is the best place to keep up with updates, we will be updating our social media and website with our progress too.

(CS) Do you have anything else that you would like to add that we haven’t asked?

One of the things that you can see in our roadmap is a DUDGX Video platform that we are currently working on and are very excited about, it will be used to promote extreme athletes and their skills as well as spread more awareness of DUDGX in the industry before our product launch.

Thank you


(CS) – CryptoShib

12th of November 2018