Interview with Coin2Play Team

Interview with Coin2Play Team

Interview with Coin2Play


CryptoShib some time back listed blockchain project Coin2Play and now it is time to get more insights about this project. Publishing interview with project creators.


(CS) Your project description in two sentences (short pitch)

Coin2Play (C2P) plans to revolutionize the way online casino gambling and betting industry currently operates, by using a provably fair gambling platform using the blockchain.

(CS) What is the goal of your project?

Provide an open, fair gambling and betting platform that will attract all gamblers and punters worldwide; forcing the traditional centralized Casino to adopt a much fairer system.

(CS) How did you come up with the idea of this blockchain project?

Our aim was two-fold
1. To create a fair gambling solution
2. To provide a gambling mechanism which does not require a constant investment of funds – Once you have a masternode you get daily rewards which could be used to gamble if you are a keen punter/gambler, rather than using fiat / new investment.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects around if there are any?

We are placing a lot of emphasis on our game graphics, User interface, and development. There are few projects that just have the concept of a provably fair coin flip/dice throw. But they do not come close to replacing a real-life casino. We, on the other hand, will develop a complete casino eco-system that will a complete replacement for any current online casino; providing the same level of user experience or better.

We also take great care in developing an environment which fosters social interaction. Imagine being able to invite your friends or family members from around the world and dealing against the house in a game of blackjack/poker, with the ability to interact and talk
during the game.

(CS) Do you have a working platform already?

We are currently in the process of developing our platform. Our first slots game “The Element of Life” was displayed at the Cryptogames conference recently and we have a Prealpha demo which can be accessed in the following location.

As you can see, great emphasis is provided on the quality of graphics. This is still a game in development.

In 4 weeks we will have a live Casino platform with one game that will work on all platforms including mobile platforms. Users will be able to deposit C2P, purchase casino credits gamble and then be able to withdraw their winnings. Several more games will be developed and added to our platform regularly. We have already started development work on more games.

(CS) Main benefits of your project in a few bullet points – WHY your crypto coin should be chosen as a payment system in an online gaming platform instead of fiat? Do you have some partnership already that uses your coin as a payment option as you planned in your roadmap?

• Quick transactions and a mature block chain with several hundred masternodes provides a stable network for transactions
• Very low transaction fees.
• We have already started discussions with several partners, but we want to develop our own casino platform and show everyone how effective the system works using our C2P chain and then be in a comfortable position to negotiate terms with our partners.

(CS) Is your project developing within your roadmap plans or are there any changes?

We are on track with our roadmap and for some of the items, we were well ahead of planned schedule.
With regards to changes we always believe in innovating and keeping up with market trends and demands. This means whilst we have a stable roadmap to guide our vision, we are prepared to always make changes as it is required to have the edge over the competition.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed?

Some of the most important aspects for any project to succeed are: A good use case, a dedicated project team, a vibrant/supportive community, and great partners. We are lucky to be blessed in all these areas. MaxieMind our development partners have been very good managing and delivering on all targets and together we will deliver the casino platform of the future.

(CS) What is a guarantee of the stability of your project? This is an important question for those who are considering investing in your coins and masternodes.

Any investor will know the simple concept of supply and demand control the value of the coin. With a solid use case, the coins will be used on our online casino/gaming platform and the house winning will be used to supply Jackpots and future development.
We have a limited supply and current investors who hold their coins will see a good return on their investment once the casino platform is live. Most users will be keen to use the coins on the platform than selling it on the exchange, which would mean less supply and hence higher demand.

In the future, we also will allow deposits of other altcoins which could be swapped for casino credits. The returns will always be in C2P. The house will reinvest these other altcoins to purchase more C2P for the house and hence constantly increase demand.

(CS) How did you meet your team members of the project? Did you know them before or it was step-by-step process during development of the project?

Every member of the team plays a vital part in our project and recognizing this at an early stage has helped us come together as a good team. PLAY ADMIN, had the initial vision but knew he needed a team who has expertise in all areas to make this project a success. He carefully at first recruited his leadership team and provided them autonomy to recruit and manage their individual teams. Over time, we have a team that is committed to our vision and a diverse team made up of professionals from all over the world.
Our development partner has also expanded resources to meet the various stages of our platform development requirement.

(CS) What future of your project do you see in 5 years?

In 5 years we will be a leading online casino platform and betting platform that is among the top 10% of online casinos.
We will be also progressing into other betting platforms (Sports, e-Gaming etc).
We also aim to integrate C2P as a payment method for several online casinos during this time as our partnerships grow.

(CS) Where to get current news and the most accurate information about your project? Do you have some particular person who is responsible for communication with interested people in your project?

The most up to date information is available on our discord channel. The link is provided below

We have a team of marketing and community managers who are readily available to provide all information to anyone interested.

(CS) And last – do you have anything else that you would like to tell that we haven’t asked?

We have covered all areas well. I would just like to re-iterate; we do not want to be another casino gaming coin; we want to be the leading Crypto Casino Gaming platform, that would be a like for like replaced for a leading traditional online casino.


CS – CryptoShib
Answers – Pirate Hunter from Coin2Play Discord
5th of November 2018