Interview With The Gold Poker Team

Interview With The Gold Poker Team

interview with gold poker


CryptoShib some time back listed blockchain project Gold Poker and now it is time to get more deeply into the project by interviewing their team. Publishing interview with project creators.

(CS) Your project description in two sentences (short pitch)

Gold Poker is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency focused on instant private transactions with near-zero transaction fees. The online poker industry is relatively young, and Gold Poker team’s focal point is to overwhelmingly witness an uptick in interactivity between cryptocurrency and online poker industry.

(CS) What is the goal of your project?

Gold Poker coin’s target is to influence the development of online poker immensely. Gold Poker Room aims to empower online poker players with Gold Poker Coin and Blockchain Technology.

(CS) How did you come up with the idea of this blockchain project?

While experiencing more traditional online poker sites in the past, core team members of Gold Poker Coin has decided to come up with the idea of Gold Poker coin, that gives the opportunity to play poker on the blockchain.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects around if there are any?

Gold Poker Room will be the first to combine cryptocurrency and online poker industry in a professional manner. Cryptocurrency provides huge exponential growth for poker players both for short-term and for a long term. The inclusion of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the online poker industry nullifies the effect of rake which boosts any poker player’s profits by tenfold.

(CS) Is there any BETA version for Gold Poker Room or other Beta testing platforms that people can try and test? If not yet – when it could be and how we could get to know about it?

Right now our programmers are working on the Mini Poker Room’s beta version, it will be released shortly. Our community will have the unique opportunity to play and test the Beta version. There will be a testimonial section on the website, where users can express their thoughts, offers, experience, and the top 10 ideas will be implemented in the room. The room’s development will be continued till 2019 Q4.

(CS) Do you have any partnership agreements or negotiations that you can mention already? We know that from 2019 your project plans to start a partnership with the gaming industry.

Right now we don’t have any partnership agreements, because we were too leaned towards developing GPKR first. Gold Poker has been listed on two exchanges, the coin is available on CoinMarketCap, and it has a great volume daily. We did great marketing, and we have more than 14000 members on our telegram channel. After releasing Mini Poker Room, we will start negotiations with gaming platforms.

(CS) Main benefits of your project in a few bullet points – WHY your crypto coin should be chosen as a payment option in an online poker gaming platforms instead of fiat?

Gold Poker transactions are completely secure and irreversible and occur at the speed of light. These features are huge advantages for players. Dozens of issues will be solved that come along with traditional online poker industry. Let us highlight few fundamental problems which have not seen substantial improvements over the years. This includes players’ security, higher increase in game fees, and users’ trust. There is an obvious issue when it comes to what players’ data is shared, what can be manipulated and the overall management of players’ funds.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed?

The one area where cryptocurrencies have not really exploded is the online poker industry. Cryptocurrencies can offer many advantages to online poker players. Both cryptocurrency and online poker are created for the digital era. Both also offer extreme anonymity. Gold Poker Room will launch the next generation online poker room which will run on Blockchain Technology, Gold Poker coin is here to revolutionize Online Poker industry. Our approach is modern, secure, innovative, flexible and authentic.

(CS) What is the guarantee of the stability of your project? This is an important question for those who are considering investing in your coins and masternodes.

The calculations of Gold Poker coin are done very carefully. Gold Poker coin is and will stay stable. Let us explain why. GPKR maximum supply is 33.333.333 coins, and fur running a masternode partners should lock 33.333 GPKR coins. Block time is 33 seconds. Users receive 1440 blocks per day, 144 blocks out of 1440 are super blocks. This means that in total we can have only 1000 Gold Poker masternodes. Monthly only 7 masternodes are being mined. Per year only 84 masternodes. Maximum supply will be filled only after 11 years.

(CS) How did you meet your team members of the project? Did you know them before or it was step-by-step process during development of the project?

My team members are my very good friends from a long time. And we have been in the cryptocurrency world since 2014.

(CS) What future of your project do you see in 5 years?

After 5 years Gold Poker Coin will be among the top 10 coins. People from all over the world will play poker on Gold Poker Room. GPKR will be traded on top exchanges. And it will be the most expensive masternode coin. It has a chance to exceed 1 million dollars per masternode collateral. I have provided the calculations above.

(CS) Where to get current news and the most accurate information about your project? Do you have some particular person who is responsible for communication with interested people in your project?

You can simply follow our social media accounts (e.g. twitter, discord, telegram) and get the most accurate information about our project. Also, we have online chat on our website, people who are interested in the project and have questions, can visit and contact the online chat support.

(CS) And last – do you have anything else that you would like to tell that we haven’t asked?

We have come to the conclusion that to fix big problems, we need a big solution. The idea of Gold Poker Room opens the doors to a more safer, secure and verifiable game that cannot be tricked.


CS – CryptoShib
Answers – GoldPokerDev (Discord)
29th of October 2018