Hiveex launched a Cryptocurrency-Based Payments Platform Today in Australia

Hiveex launched a Cryptocurrency-Based Payments Platform Today in Australia

Based on a recent report, a cryptocurrency-based payments platform, called Ivypay was launched today, Nov 19, in Australia. The platform is the result of a collaboration between Ivy, a blockchain company and Hiveex, a cryptocurrency broker.


Ivypay is a platform designed to make it easy for bills to be paid using currencies as well as to allow the easy transfer of money into bank accounts. The service is now live in Australia.

Early this month, a beta version of the Ivypay was released by the developers behind its creation. As a result of this, the platform has received several testers, even before its official launching today.

According to the developers of the platform, the main purpose of the platform is to “bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream by streamlining the spending process”.

This was further confirmed in a statement from Ash Shilkin, president of Ivy. He stated that:
“Our partnership … will enable everyday Australians to use cryptocurrency to pay their bills, pay off their credit cards, or convert to Australian dollars deposited in their bank accounts at some of the lowest rates on the market,”

According to information from the official Ivypay page, users of the platform get charged a minimal fee of 2% on the total amount of each transfer. As of now, the platform only supports the following cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Australia is Ready for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

A recent study conducted by Ivypay shows that about “2.58 million Australians now own cryptocurrencies of some form, with more than 2,500 bills paid in virtual currencies in the country every month.” Going by this fact, it is clear that the country is ripe for a mainstream crypto adoption. With the launch of Ivypay, Hiveex and Ivypay are placing themselves well for the future to come.

Shilkin has also confirmed this in a recent statement which states that:
“We are pleased to have Ivypay on the market, while we build out the Ivy network as a bridge between those with cryptocurrency, and traditional financial institutions.”