John McAfee Will Run for President in 2020 to Promote Cryptocurrency

John McAfee Will Run for President in 2020 to Promote Cryptocurrency

John McAfee

The controversial anti-virus creator, John McAfee, has once again made known his intention to run for the post of the post of the United States president in the 2020 election. McAfee who has been in several cryptocurrency related news in recent time made this known at the Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1.

McAfee Anti-Virus Creator

The Anti-virus creator who made it known that he has plans to pick up a ticket in the 2020 election and run for the presidency has also declared that he has other motives asides presiding over the country’s state of affairs. McAfee made it clear that even though he has almost zero chances at winning the elections, he plans to use the influence garnered through the campaign process to promote the use and adoption of cryptocurrency in the U.S.

McAfee has also made it known that his campaign strategy for the election could be compared to that of the current libertarian movement. However, he is confident that “no one will elect [him] as president,” continuing

McAfee is Acting Selflessly

McAfee further made it known that his intention to run is more about exploiting a prime opportunity to champion the benefits of decentralized cryptocurrencies, than about becoming the president or holding influence over the country in any political capacity. Since McAfee made this known, his intentions have been described as “an act that could come to backfire for the industry”. The reason stated was that McAfee is ” an enigmatic spokesman.”

When asked why he is so inclined to push crypto into mainstream adoptions, surprisingly, his response was a selfless one. He made it know that he is concerned with the concept of “personal freedom” and going by the features of cryptocurrency, it can be described as the perfect embodiment of “personal freedom”. He is of the strong belief that the presidential campaign will give him the chance to this and several other numerous advantages attached to making use of cryptos.