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Klimatas is an innovative project, centered at bridging the gap between the blockchain technology and investors involved in making sure that the sustainable development goals are met. Klimatas believe that investors can make a whole lot of profit from investing in innovative projects that will in the long run aid the sustainable development goals. From this project, investment and job opportunities will be created.

Klimatas projects and investments are based on the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). The first focuses are clean energy, energy-neutral housing, cheaper housing and less food waste, as well as no more hunger and partnerships to achieve goals.

Klimatas is headed by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs with technical and ambitious backgrounds. Klimatas was born out of the drive to not only ensure that the sustainable transition is made smoother but also cheaper. The project will have a team of elite researchers and scientist who have been making researches for years on the subject matter of sustainable energy, food, and so many other aspects of making the SDGs a possibility.

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Background of the project

Today man is faced with quite a number of self-inflicted disasters such as the release of greenhouse gases which has been the cause of global warming (an issue that has raised global concern as it affects practically every living organism on earth). As a result of numerous obstacles, in 2015 the world leaders (UN) from 193 countries in the world met and decided on certain fixes to make before the year 2030. Some of these goals are also contained in the Millennium Development Goals
report from the United Nations.

The Sustainable Development Goals drafted by the United Nations

These goals ranged from the eradication of extreme poverty, down to goals like creating a partnership for those goals. All these where mapped out in an attempt to solve the crisis that man created for himself, as well as the disasters that were created by our planet for us to inherit. Noticeably, one of the goals (Partnerships for the goals) is obviously a call to action, obligating every person who is able and capable of contributing a quota to ensure the success of these sustainable development goals. This led to the birth of Klimatas.

Klimatas projects

Zero Hunger
An innovative research project which involves the use of 3D printing to not only printing concrete usable materials, but food to sustain life. This will not only reduce the cost of producing food material but also get food across to a whole lot of people at a much cheaper rate.

Educational platform
Klimatas is also working on a platform to provide education on its innovative projects so that a wider range of persons can, not only get access to this information but also get involved in making our ecosystem much friendlier.

Investment platform
One of Klimatas project goals is to give investors a much cheaper option of getting involved in SDGs. This will be done by integrating the blockchain technology. Current projects will be revealed to investors in a transparent platform. All the investor has to do to participate is to buy KTS coins on the platform. With these coins, investors can then invest in their project of choice. Because of the amount of expertise that will be employed on these projects, investors will be able to acquire profits either on a monthly bas, or on a yearly bases depending on the kind of project in question. All information will be duly provided to the investor so that he/she is fully aware of the project specifications.

Features of the project

Investment platform
Everyone will be able to invest in projects and contribute to a better world. Investors will be given the opportunity to invest via the Klimatas platform through the use of KTS. All the investor has to do is to buy KTS coins, and choose the area or the specific project that he wants to invest in.

Educational Packages
Project plans on making certain packages available for educational purposes. These packages will allow students in schools to have access to a vast collection of information that concerns the use of SDG technologies and how they work. These kinds of packages are already supported by the Dutch government (Ministry of Education, culture and science).
Creation of an online study platform
Klimatas is working on the creation of a platform that contains a vast variety of information that concern SDG projects, compiled from universities and companies alike.

Solar energy
Green energy is one of projec’s goals. Klimatas wants to build solar fields and energy neutral houses. Some of its interests in solar energy include research and building of solar fields/farms. One of solar energy projects plans to use the concept behind solar technology: to build houses which can generate their own energy through solar means. These houses will be made with properties such as 3D printed concrete which is also one of major outlines for this project.

3D printing
Klimatas aims at creating a platform where people can order and purchase 3D printed items. This platform will not only contain a variety of items but will also give the users the option of placing orders for the specific 3D printable item of their own choosing. Users will also have a physical shop where they can easily walk in and make use of the 3D printers and see the machines at work first hand. These shops will also partner with colleges to enable them to use these 3D facilities for free.
Klimatas also plans to use 3D printers to source out health care facilities like 3D printed prosthetics and also the experimental printing of small organs as well as 3D printed skins.

Coin specification

Name: Klimatas
Ticker: KTS
Algorithm: Quark
Type: PoS / Masternodes
Max supply: 50,000,000
Premine: 750,000
Blocktime: 60 seconds
Main port: 10300
RPC port: 10301
Masternode collateral: 1000 KTS


February 2019
  • 1st February, Pre-sale begins
  • Start company, register it with Dutch chamber of commerce
  • Housing in office
  • Start research and buy 3D printers
  • Listings on masternode rank websites
  • Listing on first exchange
March 2019
  • Launch 3D printing platform where people can buy 3d printed objects which will be shipped
  • Start building investment platform
  • Start building education platform
  • Start accepting partnerships from (local) governments, companies, non-profit organizations
  • Contact local governments for looking into terrain for building the first solar field
  • Contact universities for making webinars for the education platform
April 2019
  • Release Beta versions of investment and education platform
  • Look around for a location to open the first 3D print shop
  • Start writing case Whitepaper for 3D print shop
  • Contact energy suppliers about selling power generated from the company
May 2019
  • Look around for second exchange
  • Release the Whitepaper for the first 3D print shop and open the investment platform for people to invest in it
  • Consult partners about cost and planning about building solar fields
  • Release new roadmap
June 2019
  • After funding start building the shop
July 2019
  • Open the 3D print shop


Mitchel van Amstel – LinkedIn profile

Koen van Griensven – LinkedIn profile
Suastainability Expert/Co-Owner

Dave Hofland – LinkedIn profile
Project Manager/Co-Owner


[email protected]

Klimatas is keen on creating partnerships with government organizations, companies and nonprofit organizations such as universities and charity.