How Investing In SDG Goals Can Change Your Life’s Finance

How Investing In SDG Goals Can Change Your Life’s Finance

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Charged with ensuring the sustainability and welfare of the world, the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a collection of 17 goals global goals expected to get achieved before 2030.

Despite being a UN-sponsored agenda, several individuals and organisations have adopted the goals. Also, investments and donations aimed at achieving these goals are actively being made.

Being a venture targeted at sustaining the world ecosystems, and investment into humanity, does not stop investors from making profits as a result of their involvement in the achievement of the SDG goals. Take, for example, Goal Number two— Zero Hunger.

To achieve this goal, there is a need for improvement in the agricultural sectors. This means more investment is needed in the world’s agricultural sectors. The inclusion of the goals also means there is a need for improvement in the industry. As a result of this, an investment in agriculture will not only be aiding the SDG goals, it will also be making the investor money from sales of food. This is a win for both the investor as well as humanity.

Being a technology focused on improving on existing ones, blockchain technology is now being actively employed to ensure the actualisation of the sustainable development goals. This attempts will be in line with one of the 17 goals (Partnerships for the goals). The goals is obviously a call to action, obligating every person who is able and capable of contributing a quota to ensure the success of these sustainable development goals. Under these premises, the Klimatas project was birthed.

The Klimatas Project

Klimatas is an innovative project aimed at bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the investors responsible for making sustainable development goals to be met. It is also aimed at encouraging investors to invest in innovative projects that can be of great help to sustainable development goals in the long run. These innovative projects also help in providing more employment and investment opportunities.

The projects and investment provided by Klimatas are based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and with a critical focus on cheaper and energy-neutral housing, provision of clean energy, reduction of hunger and food wastage as well as forming partnerships to achieve these goals.

Currently, the Klimatas is actively employing the use of blockchain technology to achieve some of the SDG goals. Below is a break down of some of the goals Klimatas is working on.

Zero Hunger

This is achieved through the use of 3D printing to print usable materials as well as of food for the sustenance of life. This method helps in reducing hunger and help increase the rate at which food materials are distributed in necessary areas at a very low rate.

Educational platform

Platforms that help educate people about the innovative projects of Klimatas has been created so as to increase awareness on the importance of these sustainable development goals. Information is disseminated in different areas so as to enlighten people on little steps to take to make the ecosystem a friendlier one.

Investment platform

Providing investors with a cheaper method of contributing to Sustainable development goals is also one of the Klimatas project goals. This is meant to be achieved using blockchain technology on a transparent platform. Investors are only required to buy KTS coin from the platform in order to be able to invest in any project of their choice. As a result of the high expertise employed on the platform, the investors can be able to make profit monthly or annually depending on the kind of project they invest in. The terms and specifications of a particular project are well relayed to the investor so that he/she is aware of what the project entails.

While focusing on investing around the SDG goals, investors will be providing solutions to actual problems. This means a ready market already exists for their products and services. Going by this alone, the Klimatas project is one of the few blockchain projects with an actual real-life use case and profit potential.