Tycoon’s Crowdsale is About to End – Last Chance to Board the Ship Before Listing!

Tycoon’s Crowdsale is About to End – Last Chance to Board the Ship Before Listing!

Tycoon's crowdsale

Here’s Your Last Chance to Get a Piece of the Tycoon Pie!

The Tycoon platform is making waves in the crypto community. And with good reason. The near-exponential growth of the crypto sector, fueled by the current economic uncertainty, is attracting millions of people to participate in this exciting opportunity. People are looking at digital assets to hedge their risks and create wealth in these uncertain times. And Tycoon is helping people find the right strategy to follow – by simply copying the trades of professional traders!

Tycoon is demystifying crypto trading

The most common problem with a majority of newcomers is the inability to understand the finer points of crypto trading and the fear of making losses. But Tycoon solves this major pain point by providing the ability to follow professional traders and copy their exact trades so that they too can make handsome profits. Trading could not be any simpler!

The Tycoon crowdsale has been attracting thousands of people and the vast majority of them have already bought Tycoon tokens. The crowdsale ends on 31st March 2021.

The Tycoon platform is a result of an intensive and extensive development process that has spanned more than three years. The team comprises experts in the financial fields as well fields of IT, blockchain, and fintech. The team has always kept the core philosophy at the center of all of its activities – to create the most seamless, feature-rich, easy-to-use platform that demystifies crypto trading and making it fun, educative, and extremely profitable.

TYC tokens are selling like hot bread!

And playing a central role in this ecosystem is the TYC token – it will be used as means of transaction, for paying fees. And this is your last chance to buy this token at the crowdsale price of $0.10 before the upcoming listing this year. If you are already a token holder, get ready to receive early access to the platform and its exciting copy trading functionality.

Tycoon just finished one of the most anticipated and thrilling crypto trading competitions with a combined price pool of $75,000! The competition saw scores of professional traders pitting their wits, expertise and experience against each other to win the grand prize! Every week, traders jostled for a name on the leaderboard and the entire process was a fun activity that helped traders hone their craft and get ready to make it big on the Tycoon platform. Novice traders followed the competition closely with a view to shortlist names of traders they would like to follow once trader onboarding occurs on the platform.  

Tycoon is a game changing platform and the TYC token has a real use case, unlike most utility tokens. The interest in this token is unprecedented and this is your last chance to get a piece of the pie, before the token is listed.

Tycoon invites you to participate in one of the most anticipated crowdsales in recent times and enjoy crypto trading like never before!

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