LunchMoney join Forces with TheCrytobill to introduce New Payment option

LunchMoney join Forces with TheCrytobill to introduce New Payment option


Fully automated, the blockchain platform for provable restaurant reviews,  LunchMoney has announced a new partnership with the creator of the crypto paper wallet, TheCryptoBillThe latest partnership is aimed at accelerating crypto adoption in mainstream applications by launching a safe and easy to use payment option. This will create continuous and seamless expansion across diverse sets of product verticals while placing the safety of users at its core.

TheCryptoBill has established itself as a first-of-its-kind within the crypto paper wallet space, thanks to vast customization options that can be tailored to fit any product or service without sacrificing aesthetics and visibility. Putting security first on every bill created, all files used in the creation of any wallet are immediately destroyed after physical production using a 50-pass shred function. This guarantees that the owner of any CryptoBill is the only one with access to their private keys, which they can seamlessly sweep into a mobile app. Owners of the paper wallet can also enjoy simple, fee-less off-chain transactions at their fingertips.

Jeffery Varnado, Founder of LunchMoney, expressed his excitement with the new collaboration, saying:

“We are extremely excited to team up with TheCryptoBill as we aim to offer more flexibility and inclusion on our platform. Whilst the hype surrounding LunchMoney potential has been huge, the reality is starting to be realised with a vast range of life-changing blockchain based applications coming into focus on a regular basis.

Jeffery Varnado, Founder of LunchMoney

Founded 3 years ago, the eat, snap, and earn platform is staying true to its vision of breaking free from the pre-existing notions about crypto use cases and dramatically reinventing solutions as a next generation platform. By incentivizing genuine feedback from restaurant and eatery patrons worldwide with real-time payments, LunchMoney is able to offer a critical solution to common bottlenecks faced in the catering industry. The platform is developed to reduce the timelines for identifying bias and fake reviews by leveraging blockchain and top-notched technologies to verify users’ feedback. Each successful verification earns the users certain amounts of LMY token

Jeffery Varnado further revealed ongoing work to deliver more exciting synergies to grow and unleash the possibilities of LunchMoney native token LMY.

“And as LunchMoney aims to be integrated in ATMS, Payment Systems, POS, etc.. it allows many to be exposed to LMY”

The latest partnership follows the trail of another successful alliance with Ivendpay, the world’s first multi-currency payment system that allows users to accept payments in any cryptocurrency, electronic money or Fiat of choice. The alliance permits users to earn LMY by providing feedback about the products in Ivendpay vending machines

“We at TheCryptoBill are thrilled to be working with LunchMoney in directly facilitating an innovative new rewards ecosystem that pays users to post their honest feedback. Changing the stereotypical rewards program can give businesses and customers more options and more ways to benefit each other.” 

Nathaniel FowlerOwner of