Luxcore Air Date for InnovateTV

Luxcore Air Date for InnovateTV

Luxcore team in shooting for InnovateTV

Press Release

November 20th, 2018 New York, New York

Luxcore team members John McAfee, Cosmin Tudor and John Kim will be featured in a spot for InnovateTV, which will have its first airing in the United States on Wednesday, December 12th at 6:30am ET on the History Channel. Innovate TV airs to a national audience of 2.6 million people in all major markets from coast to coast.

Among a few of the topics to be discussed, the focus will be on Luxcore’s environmentally-responsible PHI2 consensus algorithm, as well as insights into LuxGate and cross-chain interoperability.

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology become increasingly a part of the mainstream consciousness, there has been growing concern over the energy consumption required to mine Bitcoin and other Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. With energy conservation at its core, Luxcore’s PHI2 consensus algorithm has vastly reduced the amount of electricity consumption and heat generation traditionally associated with blockchain mining.

In addition, one of the greatest challenges associated with the blockchain industry is the lack of communication between different platforms, given the wide diversity of blockchains in development. As blockchain development moves forward and plays an increasingly important role in various industries, it will become critical that different chains are able to communicate with each other. LuxGate will solve this issue by enabling cross-chain interoperability between verified networks. For example, LuxGate technology can be leveraged to allow a hospital’s patient records blockchain to interact with an insurance provider’s customer data and billing blockchain seamlessly, affordably, without the risk of clerical error, and in real-time.

So grab a cup of a coffee and join the team on December 12th for a look at how Luxcore is taking up leadership in the many innovations yet to come in blockchain technology.


In a picture – Luxcore team members, including CEO John McAfee, on location for the InnovateTV shoot