A Microsoft Excel Plugin for Sending and Receiving Bitcoin has been Developed

A Microsoft Excel Plugin for Sending and Receiving Bitcoin has been Developed

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A recent report has it that a new Microsoft Excel plugin which makes it possible for Excel users to send and receive bitcoin has been developed. Based on a tweet from the Bitcoin Advisory’s founder, Pierre Rochard, the plunging was developed by him and he is looking to have it ready for use before the month comes to an end.

Bitcoin Microsoft Excel Plugin

Pierre who is an experienced software developer has made it known that he was able to design this Plugin making use of a solution referred to as Neutrino—experimental Bitcoin light client written in Go and designed with mobile Lightning Network Clients in mind. The Lightning Network Daemon (LND) is still in its beta version 0.5 and not fully released.

Based on comments from different sources, the development of this plunging by Rochard is a very important one. This is because, apart from it helping with the easy adoption of crypto into an already robust technology, the plugin is going to help with presenting blockchain solutions to a new set of audience. This has been described as the number one focus of the industry right now —Mainstream adoption.

Plugin Development in Its Final Stages

Since the news of the plugin came to light, there have been several people showing interests. Many of those who showed interested were particular about the potential of the plugin and whether it adds any real value to the ecosystem. Rochard made it known that the target audience for the plugin is Microsoft Excel users who are into finance one way or the other. More people are also expected to engage with the plugin once it goes live.

No date has been fixed yet for the official release of the plugin, but it has been said that plugin will be an open source one, thus available for free.