Microsoft is Now the Number One Enterprise Blockchain Company in the World

Microsoft is Now the Number One Enterprise Blockchain Company in the World

According to a recent report, Microsoft is now the number one Enterprise Blockchain company in the world. This report places Microsoft’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) platform ahead of other top-ranking platforms like that of IBM, Cisco, SAP, HPE, Huawei etc.

Microsoft is Leading

The ranking report was compiled by a market foresight advisory firm called ABI Research. The report made sure to provide in full details the factors considered which led to Microsoft getting crowned as the King of Enterprise blockchain platform.

According to the report, Microsoft was able to rank higher than its competitors basically because its platform already has more real live use case than any of the competitors as well as offering a “wide range of platform services are offered.”

The fact that the Microsoft’s BaaS platform is well integrated with the company’s Azure cloud service, which has the second-largest market share in the public cloud services market globally is a major advantage for the company.

According to the ranking report, IBM is the next on the list after Microsoft. Other services such as Oracle, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, Cisco, SAP, HPE, Huawei, and Tencent were also ranked in the report. The report also made sure to stress that the combined market shares of all other companies in the ranking are still a far cry away from that of Microsoft or IBM.

Another factor which might have contributed to this is the fact that both IBM and Microsoft have been in the business longer than any of the listed Vendors. This is apart from the fact that both IBM and Microsoft have a preexisting user base from their other products.

The two companies have managed to integrate relevant products together, thereby offering better features than any vendor out there.

According to a research analyst at Bank of America, Kash Rangan another vendor which is likely to challenge the two top-ranking vendors in time to come is Amazon. He made this known in a statement which states that: “Amazon will benefit from incremental cloud services demand from Blockchain implementation, while improved supply chain tracking should make Amazon’s retail operations more efficient,”

Ranking Process

Regarding how the ranking was conducted, ABI Research addressed this in a recent press release. According to the press release, “Each vendor was analyzed on innovation metrics such as market penetration, proof of concepts and pilots, and ecosystem support, and implementation metrics such as platform diversity, primary features, developer resources, and integration with their own solutions.”