Midas Investments: Creating an Intelligent Crypto Platform

Midas Investments: Creating an Intelligent Crypto Platform

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It comes as no surprise that over the past 2 years, over 2000 blockchain related projects have surfaced on the market, with varying degree of success. However, the crypto-space is still in its fledgling state with investors often facing security risks and frauds. One of the lingering problems plaguing the cryptocurrency market is an absence of a comprehensive and dependable investment management system. Many new projects have aimed to fill that void, with one example being Midas Investments.

Lingering Problems Faced in Cryptocurrency Industry

Effectively trading cryptocurrencies in a profitable way require a lot of focus, time and advanced knowledge, which can be difficult to grasp even for some experienced traders. Some plaguing issues are listed below.

Working with an Investment Instrument with Correct Data: As discussed before, the cryptocurrency space is still at a fledgling stage. Investment instruments that are high risk, yet highly rewarding require investors to be an expert in analyzing both practical and theoretical knowledge in a variety of areas. This can extend to include subjects such as economics, trading and project analysis. The market is extremely volatile as compared to other similar instruments and investors need to monitor the results of the instrument daily, in order to make a response in real-time.

Investors With Small Capital Cannot Enter Easily: It’s quite common to see investment instruments having a high threshold when it comes to making an initial investment. Currently, the average cost of a masternode can range anywhere between $2000 and $5000. This makes it increasingly harder for a trader to diversify his or her portfolio, which in turn leads to higher risks. One solution is to share masternode services but it involves trusting unknown third parties among other hassles. This can gravely impact a trader’s profitability margin.

Investment Administration is Complex: Currently, each investment instrument requires a thorough knowledge as well as technical know-how when it comes to setting up and monitoring daily. The process of knowing how to install a masternode and monitor accordingly can be quite confusing and technically challenging for the normal investor, especially when the number of masternodes increases.

Masternode Market Volumes are Currently Low: Normal investors are not attracted to the prospect of profitability from a masternode, simply because the current market is plagued with low volumes as well as a high cost of setting up the masternode. This can also lead to more losses for the host.

Trusting Investment Instrument Developer: A comprehensive way of testing any investment instrument is largely absent in the current scenario, especially when it comes to verifying the identity of the entity or company behind the instrument. It is not uncommon to see people losing a large fortune because of an elaborate scam.

Introducing Midas Investments: Company Background

Headed by CEO Lakov “Trevor” Levin and CTO Mike Fomin, Midas Investments aims to be a user-friendly and secure digital investment platform, allowing traders to securely use investment instruments for passive earning in cryptocurrencies. Besides Masternodes, the platform also offers other investment instruments such as trading bots and proof of stake.
The team behind Midas Investments is confident about using the emerging technologies of the crypto world to make the world investing, a far simpler, safer and profitable affair.

How Midas Hopes to Solve These Problems

Midas Investments has solutions for all the above-mentioned problems plaguing the cryptocurrency market now, which further substantiates it claim to be a platform for stable and profitable investment.

  1. Comprehensive Information About any Investment Instrument: The Midas Investment platform is presented in the form of cards with statistical and analytical information. Their team communicates with developers on an individual level and provides each project with an evaluation. This is done simultaneously with collecting performance data on the instrument in question. The platform also provides educational material for traders to understand and improve its effectiveness. Thus, the trader using this platform would always be on top of relevant market data and information and act accordingly.
  2. Allowing Investors With Small Capital to Enter: Midas Investments has a free working masternode for each coin on its platform, allowing investors to use them on rent. Thus, the investor does not have to wait for other participants in the masternode as he/she receives an equal share in a masternode. The process continues with the creation of another free masternode. This innovative system is titled “Instant Shares”. Through Instant Shares, an investor can deposit any amount of coins, as well as allowing them to reinvest rewards from shares.
  3. Complete Investment Administration: The Midas Investments Platform is fully automated with users having a personal account along with a portfolio, balance section and the necessary statistics for the instrument chosen. Educational information is also provided by the platform which makes it a seamless experience for every trader or investor.
  4. Solving Low Masternode Volume: To tackle the problem of masternodes and low volumes on markets, the platform has an internal exchange for coins for easy conversion to Bitcoin and back. Trading is done automatically, which gives the opportunity to users for purchasing attractive investments in lieu of Bitcoin.


The cryptocurrency market has certainly grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, following the popularity of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are certainly the talk of the town, with varying degrees of investors and traders switching over to cryptocurrency investment from more traditional forms of investment such as stocks, futures etc. Midas Investment seems to be the solution by providing a complete investment management and wallet system.