Mirai Coin: A Utility Micropayment and Social Content Platform

Mirai Coin: A Utility Micropayment and Social Content Platform

Mirai project

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency came with the promise of widespread disruption in various sectors. This is because the versatility and transparency of this technology, coupled with the later development of dApps brought massive disruption.

Mirai is a continuation of these developments. This coin utilizes Proof of Stake to facilitate a micropayments currency (MRI) and a social content platform. Notably, this coin is the result of further development on the xGOx coin. As a matter of fact, the initial supply was a voluntary swap for xGox holders.

Mirai, therefore, is a versatile coin with two development paths. The first is Crypto-payments which is really its core function and then augmented reality which is an important second component to the platform.


MRI coins are the platform’s currency that facilitates all kinds of transaction. This coin utilizes a fast and stable network made possible by Masternodes and proof of stake protocols. Notably, Mirai is a low supply coin because there will only be 15.7 million coins by 2099. This, compared to other altcoins is very limited, but can be great for Mirai value.

Masternodes are decentralized servers that serve to provide scalability and stability to a POS network. In time, this coin will be available for mainstream adoption. Masternodes are an excellent investment option for consistent Mirai rewards. This payment function is a fundamental component of Mirai.

Mirai Augmented Reality (AR)

This second model is an important part of Mirai’s smooth operation. The Augmented Reality realm allows users to earn tokens by creating social content. Essentially, an augmented reality platform entails a website, android and IOS apps. You can access content creation tools using both the Mirai AR website and mobile apps. Moreover, these tools are easy to use especially on account of the drag and drop interface. Accordingly, you can have seamless use of Basic 3D content as well as the ability to upload media.

Notably, content geo-tagging is possible and also specific rreal-world item, scene or target image activation. The Mirai AR algorithm views and rates the content.

When management releases core upgrades for the AR platform, developers can chose to either create mini-games or create separate apps and then integrate them for use in Mirai payments. Moreover, the platform allows you to provide valuable information to other users at a certain consideration without actual cost to the other user.

AR Use Cases

AR Games
This is a popular application of augmented reality. The AR gaming field is increasingly the predominant augmented reality application compared to other creative markets.

Augmented Reality Education
Technology offers an unprecedented level of interaction. With AR and education, this interaction goes to a mind-blowing level. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that augmented reality applications decrease learning times by up to 60% while correspondingly increasing the retention of applied skills by almost a similar margin.
This means that Mirai can herald the next generation of learning. Augmented reality can also facilitate manufacturing and entertainment. These are all possible through the seamless interaction with designs, visual cues and other forms of creative content.

Augmented Reality in Retail and Advertising
Retail and advertising are two really promising areas for augmented reality. For retail, users can have the benefits of the internet in providing sales information. Advertising is also easier on account of the advertisement opportunities in this realm.
Tools such as geo-tagging and visual markers like QR codes make the whole platform that much more convenient. Social events are a great opportunity to place advertisement material which is precise because of geo-tagging. All in all the AR applications of Mirai can make retail and advertising more efficient.

Social Media
The unprecedented interaction and personalization on Mirai applications definitely has a social media aspect to it. Besides, you can share photos and content in augmented reality with others who can view them when they visit that location.

Mirai AR Revenue Model

Mirai network has a number of revenue streams such as:

  • Paid advertising- this is possible through the aforementioned augmented reality space. The fact that you can target a specific audience, location or social event makes the argument for this as a perfect advertising tool for certain content more concrete.
  • Product placement is another suitable revenue stream.
  • Animated reality advertising- The virtual reality realm will only grow bigger with time and Mirai seeks to benefit accordingly from this option.
  • Agreements with companies like blockchain companies will be excellent because they can have interactive content for events, locations and festivals.
  • Paid app features such as advertising educational content will be another significant revenue source.

The actual revenue is to be distributed in two. Contributors will get about 60% while the remaining 40% of revenue will cover operating costs and development.


In summary, Mirai is a platform with plenty of real world benefits and value. This is great for product viability and stability in future. The benefits of the coin to users and investors alike need no more illustration. This is a project to watch.