MMOCoin – Gaming Payments on Blockchain

MMOCoin – Gaming Payments on Blockchain

Gaming Payments

Sponsored community was founded in 2008. MMOPro’s own Cryptocurrency Called MMOCoin launched in March 2018.

The MMOCoin platform is designed by experienced gamers, with years of experience not only playing games but actively developing games. The thirst for a better way of conducting the purchase of additional gaming features (add-ons) across several multiple player online games, making use of a single payment method and platform is what led to the development of MMOcoin.

The Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMO/G/RPG) Marketplace is designed to be used as a fast and safe platform for conducting transactions between gamers and game developers.

The MMOCoin and Blockchain

With the newly remodeled MMOCoin platform, adopting blockchain technology, its transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be fully audited for any form of dispute between clients. Transactions on this platform can be successfully completed in a few seconds rather than wasting time.

Tiered Staking

This is the unique platform on which MMOCoin is built. The level of Stake that is divided into the percentage of the coins contained in the wallet is called Tiered PoS.

This stake reward has been divided and categorized into the following levels (per annum):
Holding 1-999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 1% stake reward
Holding 1000-9999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 2% stake reward.
Holding 10000-49999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 5% stake reward.
Holding 50000-99999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 7% stake reward.
Holding 100000+ MMO in the OS wallet will provide 10% stake reward.

MMOPro Marketplace

For more than 10 solid years now, the marketplace has served the purpose of providing gamers with all the flexibility they need to make their various multiplayer online games fun. The remodeling of the platform to fit with modern taste will help to increase its user base of more than 250,000 active users. The new interface will help to provide better navigation while on the platform. This way users can easily locate their favorite games and features. The financial side of the project is secured with the built-in Escrow service and dedicated payment option.

The Goals of MMO marketplace

The main goal of MMO (RPG) Marketplace is to restore the ease of using the global digital (game) assets trade. The MMO team is working so hard to provide a comfortable and user-friendly transaction environment, that meets the expectation of the MMO game users.

The following are some of the advantages attached to using the MMO marketplace:

1. Purchase of digital goods with MMOCoin
2. Transactions can be easily tracked using MMO blockchain.
3. It allows users to purchase safely from only verified merchants.
4. It secures escrow service to protect against scammers.
5. Minimal fee per transaction of 0.0001

Recently, the adoption of blockchain technology into gaming technology has become popular. So far we have some few known names in the blockchain/gaming industry. Although for now, no other popular gaming platform is working on a similar premise as MMOCoin is in existence, there are few noteworthy blockchains based online gaming service providers.

Examples of this include:


The Ethereum based ERC20 gaming token is a product from GameCredits Inc, which was designed to bring “eSports to everyone”. With MobileGo token (MGO), users will be able to organize decentralized tournaments and numerous peer-to-peer games from anywhere in the world.


Here you can buy, sell and develop a virtual land. The VR platform makes it possible for users to make use of the native cryptocurrency called MANA, to build an empire from the comfort of their computer.


GameCredits (GAME) is a peer-to-peer open source gaming platform, which allows game developers as well as the players to earn money through in-game purchases and winning rewards.

Some additional technical information about the project

Coin specification

Ticker: MMO
Algorithm: Scrypt
PoS and PoW hybrid
Block time: 90 sec
Min.stake age: 4 hours
Max stake age: 2 month
Max supply: 260 000 000