Oduwa Coin—The Future Of Global Payment and Trading Solution

Oduwa Coin—The Future Of Global Payment and Trading Solution

Oduwa coin

With so many coins getting introduced to the crypto market on a regular basis, it has become increasingly difficult to find coins that have true usefulness. This has been a major cause of concern as a majority of these coins are plain digital cash grabbing scheme championed by scammers. This is why one need to focus on “original” coins with real purpose and sustainable investment plans. Another thing to watch out for is coins with real-live platforms. One coin which checks all the boxes mentioned above is the Oduwa Coin.

The project’s foundation is built on the Proof of Work and Proof of Sate Blockchain technology, and this hybrid innovation has greatly contributed to the further growth of the crypto-currency world. The project is aimed at providing its users with an almost no-cost transaction fee, and at the same time, a secure protection solution for their future asset against trade volatility. With Oduwa coin, payments can be made for transactions, and it can also be used for crowdfunding.

The Oduwa coin is a cryptocurrency project designed to provide payment solutions on a global scale. Oduwa coin is a free open source project built on the foundation of Hybrid Blockchain POW/POS. According to its white paper, the goal of the coin is to become a long-term energy-efficient Script based cryptocurrency.
The Oduwa coin is currently the only coin with a working and sustainable solution to the volatility experienced while trading in the crypto market. This is in addition to a nearly no-cost transaction fee for all its users.

The Oduwa Wallet

The Oduwa Encrypted wallet is a digital wallet with protection from wallet-stealing viruses and trojans. Through the wallet, users can view all their transactions and account balance.

While using the Oduwa wallet, a smart contract linked to the wallet will be generated for each transaction. All the insurance conditions concerning the transaction will be included in the smart contract, and it will also collect all information found in the previously laid out insurance terms.

Features of Oduwa coin

The Oduwa Coin is a unique cryptocurrency because of certain features it possesses. Apart from its fundamental features like the Oduwa Encrypt, Oduwa Asset Protection, and Oduwa Exchange, it has other features like the Peer-to-peer platform, a decentralized Blockchain, anonymity and security, privacy and confidentiality, easy money transfer and anonymity of transactions and portability using integrated mobile software.

Extra protection with OduwaEx

One thing common with both experienced and new trader is loss. A loss is unavoidable in any financial market. However, experienced traders are smart enough to work on ways to minimise this loss and its effect on their overall account balance. Through this they always get to come back from any loss suffered quickly. Mastering this can take a while and with the financial market, experience normally comes with numerous margin calls.

It is for this reason the Oduwa team decided to develop a solution within its blockchain called OduwaEx (Oduwa Exchange). OduwaEx is a Nextgen cryptocurrency Exchange Platform designed to mitigate risk and act as an extra layer of protection for crypto traders against volatility for a contractual period. The OduwaEx platform is designed to reduce volatility in the crypto market. Through this, traders on the exchange have peace of mind while making their trades on the platform.

The OduwaEx platform also features an Asset Protection mechanisms. This is the first blockchain-based Trading Platform solution that will minimize risk against devaluation for its users when trading selected cryptocurrencies. Once the asset protection feature is initiated, a smart contract is been deployed at the time of purchase of the crypto asset to provide a stop loss and take gain for a specified period.

Oduwa’s experts are in charge of selecting the list of assets to be insured. These experts in collaboration with the platform’s machine learning algorithms also help with the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and when they should be invested in. These assets are generally the ones with the lowest risk in the market at that time.

Oduwa encrypt

Being a very robust platform, with a deeply rooted relationship with telecommunication companies, the Oduwa coin network has is own encryption application—Oduwa encrypt. The Oduwa encrypt is basically a multi-platform solution designed to allows its users to connect and make VoIP calls using any device (desktop or Android SIP, Zoiper, 3CXPhone, X-Lite and more), and gain access to their PBX via popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The Oduwa Coin has taken all necessary measures to counter two of the most important threats faced by traders in the cryptocurrency market: Security Threat, and Volatility. This is steadily making the coin a preferred method to connect with the crypto market.