Onegold has Announced Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) on its Platform

Onegold has Announced Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) on its Platform


Onegold, a Popular online billion marketplace has recently made it known that it now supports payment using bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) on its platform. Using the new crypto options, users can purchase precious metals on the Onegold platform. All precious metal bought on Onegold’s platform are fully physical and are stored at a secure location— the Royal Canadian Mint. Any buyer seeking to redeem their precious metal can do so through Apmex.

Onegold Partners with Bitpay

The Onegold platform is the brainchild of Apmex, a precious metals e-retailer, in collaboration with Sprott, an alternative asset manager.

In order to support BCH and BTC, the companies have entered into a partnership with Bitpay. According to the chief commercial officer of Bitpay, Sonny Singh, this is not the first time Apmex will be working with Bitpay.

He made this known in a statement which reads:
“Bitpay and Apmex have worked together for years, making it easy for Apmex to accept cryptocurrency — When they started Onegold, we were ready to help them accept bitcoin and Bitcoin cash through Bitpay,”

He further stated that:
“Cryptocurrency is an ideal payment method for e-commerce and precious metals where the risk of chargebacks, fraud and identity theft with traditional credit cards is high.”

The CEO of Onegold has also issued a statement addressing the latest development. He wrote that:
“We anticipate a large number of cryptocurrency buyers from international markets, where accepting credit cards is not always practical. In addition to helping protect our own interests, adding bitcoin and bitcoin cash to the payment options for Onegold also increases our payment transparency and efficiency.”

According to a previous comment from those in charge of Onegold, they are of the strong notion that the platform digital bullion is far superior to gold-backed paper like exchange-traded funds (ETF).