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Cashback Crypto Platform

PARQ is a cashback platform that provides the best features of payment systems, cashback services and referral programms. This is the future of cashback programs and services – cashback platform with its own crypto payment system. PARQ project intention is to support people in using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.

PARQ can become the golden mean between consumers and the business. Consumers can take part in the partnership program including offline stores, business can increase the customer flow having access to a huge customer base, as well as receive money from the referral program.

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Payment system

Payments for all types of retail products and services via PARQ digital wallet

  • Rewards for participation in our partners’ companies
  • Rewards for participation in loyalty programs

PARQ benefits

  • Payments for all types of retail products and services via PARQ digital wallet
  • Business account
  • Unique referral program
  • Rewards for participation in our partners’ companies
  • Rewards for participation in loyalty programs
  • Mobile applications

PARQ referral programs

  • Ability to get passive income on referrals and receive % of their purchases
  • Opportunity to involve commercial enterprises and earn interest from their turnover

How platform works

For consumers
  1. Consumer registers on the PARQ platform, uses filter to pick discounts, promotions and offers based on personal preferences.
  2. After registration, the customer generates a referral link. Friends will also be able to make profitable purchases if they are registered via referral link.
  3. The consumer gets a percentage of the cashback from all purchases that are made by referrals.
  4. The consumer is able to withdraw the accumulated internal funds in fiat money in any convenient way.
  5. The consumer will have the opportunity to purchase different types of goods and services, participate in internal PARQ projects and upgrade his or her loyalty status.
For businesses
  1. The registered enterprises will not be charged on the PARQ platform and have access to constantly growing base of loyal members.
  2. The business’s offer of services and goods is placed in the discount system after registration. A percentage of cashback paid by the business to PARQ is determined on the basis of an agreement.
  3. The enterprises should install PARQ software which identifies and keeps the records of the customer’s purchases.
  4. The enterprise makes a payment in the amount of the cashback of all members of the purchase specified in the contract.
  5. An employee of the enterprise can register new members. At the same time, all new members can only be registered in accordance with the level of business in the referral system. The business will receive a part of the percentage cashback via the cashback distribution system when members make purchases.
  6. Business is provided with the opportunity to use fee-based services at a great discount:
  • internal advertising and marketing
  • placement on banners and recommendations
  • participation in the PARQ projects

Benefits of platform

For consumers
  • Capability to purchase a wide range of products and services on favorable terms and also make money using the referral program
  • Upgrade your status in the system to “Partner” or “VIP Partner” level and, in doing so, increase the received amount of funds
  • Having access to programs of partners according to your status
  • Prices of products and services at competitive rates
For business
  • New active customers from all over the world in return for a great discount
  • Free PARQ software
  • Free placement of products and offers on the website
  • The business that is connected to the system can register users via a referral link and receive a part of cashback from their purchases and their friends purchases
  • System of management and inspiration of its workers

Cashback card for PARQ cashback platform

The PARQ cashback card will introduce functionality to its platform that will give impetus to the adaptation of users. With PARQ cashback card, project will create an easier process that allows cryptocurrency holders to make realtime transactions just with a single transaction and a one-time payment on the platform.

Future possibilities

A great number of perspective projects can be created on the PARQ coin platform which can increase this networks competitiveness. The PARQ coin is hoped to have an advantage constructive influence on welfare of people with the assistance of combining communities’ excellent technologies. Moreover, converting management into a competing service and encouraging everybody to participate in this system of non-confrontational, collective and dispersed innovations. Potential start-ups and operators in this area are additionally considered potential allies and partners for the project.

Coin specifications

Coin name: PARQ
Ticker: PARQ
Algorithm: Quark
Coin type: PoS/MN
Blocktime: 60 sec
Total supply: 9 000 000
Maturity time: 24 blocks
Minimum stake age: 8 hours
Minimum stake amount: 100 PARQ
POS/MN ratio: 15%/85%
Masternode collateral: 1 000
Premine: 1%


Concept of the PARQ project
Team building
Project start off
Blockchain coding and testing

Official website launch
Bounty and invite programs launch
Whitepaper release
Cryptobridge listing
Masternodes rank services listings
Coin tracking services listings
Development of technical infrastructure
Mobile wallet Design & Review
Mobile wallet Development
Mobile wallet Release
Second exchange listing
CMC listing
Partnerships with top companies
Integration of payment gateways
Testing and launching of internal cold wallet

BETA platform release
BETA Testing
Bounty campaign encouraging the most active testers
Agreement with cashback card issuer
Demo Wallet APP integrated with Bitcoin and PARQ coin platform’s support team building
Final platform release
Maximum reach and customer presentation
A release of new features of the PARQ platform
Marketing Campaign
Project Roadshow
Third exchange listing
Platform and Website Integration
Forming a plan for the next 2021th year