PARQ Network: Connecting Customers and Business Together Via its Cashback Programs

PARQ Network: Connecting Customers and Business Together Via its Cashback Programs

PARQ coin and platform

Apart from using coupon codes and waiting for discounts and clearance sales, one popular way to save money while shopping online is cashback programs.

Unlike discounted purchases, where you are allowed to buy goods for a price slash, with cashback programs you are not only shopping at discounted prices, you will also get part of the money used in making the purchase.

Applying blockchain technology to improve human day to day activities has been identified as the next step in the blockchain and crypto revolution. Since cashback shopping plays a significant role in improving the day to day activities of humans across the globe, DLT has been adopted by an innovative cashback platform, called PARQ.

For those who are familiar with cashback services, you should know that the system is mostly always rigged to favour some set of people. Another significant hindrance is the fact that not every company or individual looking to offer a cashback program on their goods or services, knows how to go about it.

Diving into Parq features

When it comes to attracting new clients or buyers, the two most popular discounting strategy is offering a coupon code or free trials. Very few of these business knows how well cashback programs can help them boost sales. This is what PARQ is trying to change. The platform along with its top-notch payment systems, cashback services and referral programs is about to make cashback programs and services very popular. The main agenda of the project is to bring common consumers into using cryptos in there day to day activities.

PARQ is developed and on the path to becoming the bridge between consumers and the business looking to offer value to their consumers. Through the PARQ platform, customers can easily participate in their partnership programs with both online and offline stores, a business can increase the customer flow having access to a huge customer base.
To participate in the partnership program, consumers just have to register on the PARQ platform, use the filter to pick promotions, offers, and discounts based on personal preferences. After this, the customer generates a referral link.

Friends who are registered on the platform via a referral link are able to make profitable purchases and whenever they do so, the consumer receives a percentage of the cashback from all purchases made by referrals. Upon accumulating enough When the internal funds have accumulated to a reasonable amount, the consumer is able to withdraw it in any convenient way.

Parq projects and platform

Also, the consumer can buy different types of goods and services, upgrade his or her loyalty status, and take part in in-house PARQ projects.

Businesses that are registered on the PARQ platform will not be charged and they will have access to a continuously expanding base of loyal members. This is so because, after registration, the price which the business charged for goods and services rendered is placed in the discount system. However, before this, there will be a form of agreement between the business and PARQ on the percentage of cashback the business will pay to the project.

Also, the business is to install the PARQ software which identifies and keeps the record of whatever customers and the enterprise pay the amount of cashback of all members of the purchase which are specified in the contract.

New members can be registered by an employee of the business. However, new members can only be registered according to the business’s level in the referral system. Whenever members buy items, the business receives a portion of the percentage cashback via the cashback distribution system.

Services which businesses are allowed to make use of at a very great discount includes:
  • Placement on banners and recommendations
  • Internal advertising and marketing
  • Opportunities Consumers Enjoy While Using PARQ are:
  • Prices of products and services at competitive rates
  • Capability to purchase a wide range of products and services on favourable terms and also make money using the referral program
  • Having access to programs of partners according to your status
  • Upgrading of status in the system to “Partner” or “VIP Partner” level and, in doing so, increase the received amount of fund
Opportunities Open to Businesses Registered on the PARQ Platform are:
  • Free PARQ software
  • New active customers from all over the world in return for a great discount
  • Registration of members via a referral link and receival of a portion of cashback from their purchases and their friends’ purchases
  • The system of management and inspiration of its workers
  • Free placement of products and offers on the website


The PAQR platform is one of the few revolutionary blockchain projects out there now. Rather than trying to fix problems that don’t exist, the platform will be helping businesses and customers build a lasting and rewarding relationship.