PewDiePie And DLive Form The First Exclusive Livestreaming Partnership

PewDiePie And DLive Form The First Exclusive Livestreaming Partnership


According to a recent report, PewDiePie, the largest independent content creator in the world with more than 100 million supporters worldwide has now formed a partnership with DLive which is a disruptive live streaming platform that leverages blockchain technology to reward both creators and viewers.

PewDiePie is Now Exclusive to DLive

According to a statement issued by DLive, its platform is now the only live streaming platform for PewDiePie.

This partnership between the two large corporations is one of the biggest live streaming deals ever and it is set to be activated in the 14th of April whereby PewDiePie will start to stream exclusively on DLive on a weekly basis.

In order to find a solution to the problem of creators building traditional content platforms with a high number of viewers which doesn’t bring in enough profit for the creators, DLive has created a new ecosystem called the Value-Sharing Content Economy.

The ecosystem was built on 3 basic rules:
(1) decentralized ownership of the platform and its contents,
(2) a rewards system that incentivizes creators and viewers to create and support high-value content, and
(3) zero platform cuts.

With these 3 rules, DLive hopes to revolutionize the interactions between content creators, viewers and content platforms.

Some platforms take up to 50% of creators’ income, decreasing the viability and livelihood of the community.

Co-founder of Lino Network, Wilson Wei said that:

“DLive is a place where instead of competing against each other, it benefits creators to support one another. With no platform cuts, we incentivize everyone to create the highest quality content for viewers,” “PewDiePie has always been a fierce advocate for the value that creators bring with their hard work, time, and effort, and he believes in DLive’s vision. Our live streaming platform has the potential to forever change how creators are represented in this industry, and we’re proud to have PewDiePie help us lead this charge.” He added.