Predictz DeFi and DEX | Bringing Better Returns to the Users while Safeguarding Their Interests and Investments

Predictz DeFi and DEX | Bringing Better Returns to the Users while Safeguarding Their Interests and Investments


Predictz is the brainchild of 5 developers with an enthusiasm to be a part of the DeFi community to bring the best of DeFi to individual investors and creators. The team behind Predictz finds that the DeFi community lacks confidence because of several rugs pulls and scams creating monetary troubles for the investors.

The Predictz platform is developed to address this trust deficit. It took more than 6 months for the developers to launch a presale and DEX platform that will rekindle the investor’s interest in DeFi and let the authentic startups and creators launch their platforms seamlessly.

The way Predictz secures the user’s interest is by giving them assurance for no rug pulls and assuring that there will be no scams. Predictz has employed the services of two third-party auditors, Techrate and Solidity.Finance to check for any sort of flaws or backdoors or anything else that will pose risk to investors.

What is Predictz?

Predictz is a multi-faceted platform including prediction markets, presale launchpad, yield farming, staking, and NFTs. Safety is at the forefront of Predictz, and this is something that the users will observe and experience in every transaction. The decentralized auction sequences on the platform are secured and safeguarded with multi-layered security systems.

With other pre-sales launches, middlemen are taking undue advantage, but Predictz takes out the middlemen from these transactions. Consistently, the Predictz team has deployed platform features and improvements based on their roadmap and community suggestions. At publication, the price is sitting a little over their presale for this under-the-radar DeFi gem.

Starting with staking, the users can now engage with yield farming and prediction. The users will be able to get 80% APY by staking on Predictz. The native currency of Predictz is $PRDZ, and this is the backbone of the platform.

The success of Predictz can be certified from the fact that more than half of the supply under circulation is already under staking. Even better, the users can also earn ETH besides $PRDZ via staking. Apart from staking, the users can also farm on a variety of pools that are already running with more pairs being added periodically.

Predictz Presale DEX

In keeping with the aim to provide the safest presale launchpad, presales on the Predictz DEX are audited, rigorously vetted and projects must have active utility at a sale. Integrity, safety, and fairness are built into each presale so that investors can buy into the DeFi space without fear of rug-pulls. The first presale on the Predictz DEX will be announced via the Predictz Twitter on 9th January, with the second already slated for 22nd Jan.

What is ‘Prediction’ on Predictz and How does it help get more rewards?

Prediction on this platform is something similar to options trading with some improvement to further protect the user’s interest and generate better rewards. First of all, there is no need to do a KYC for participating in Prediction on Predictz. Other than this, the operation is non-custodial and there are 75% rewards for successful predictions.

Three types of predictions are prominent on Predictz, Half-Hourly, Hourly, and Daily. Plus, the initial pairs available for prediction are BTC/USDT, PRDZ/USD, and ETH/USD. Besides the successful predictions-led rewards, there is extra earning for leaderboard positions that will lead to winning additional prizes.

How does Prediction work?

Prediction can be done from the dedicated portal available on Predictz or $PRDZ. The users are free to set the prediction amount and set the option whether the price will rise or fall.

It is also required to set the prediction duration and amount beforehand. Prediction happens in rounds. Once an existing round ends, the next one starts. If the prediction is right or goes as per the user’s options, rewards are credited.

The first prediction competition will run from the 4th of January 2020 to the 24th of Feburary 2021. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are $1000, $500, and $300 respectively, along with 14 consolation prizes of $50 each.

The winners of the prediction competition are selected based on the number of times the users predict the pairs along with their durations on the platform.

To Sum it Up

Predictz is a comprehensive DeFi platform with modern-abilities that are strengthened with better security and effective safeguards. Besides being a user-oriented platform, Predictz aims to remove the inconsistencies faced by the people and replace them with better systems and assured rewards for everyone.