Primecoin Releases A Flappy Bird Competitor

Primecoin Releases A Flappy Bird Competitor

Primecoin blockchain

With gaming taking spotlight in the Blockchain industry, companies are finding ways to integrate with the huge gaming industry which in 2020 will generate revenue of more than $160 billion, increasing +7.3% year on year.

Now it is crucial to look at companies such as Enjin, Tron, and Primecoin who are paving a way into gaming at an alarming speed. All of these companies are not necessarily competing in the same direction, but yet again it’s a difficult market to break through and will take something unique to become one of the top players.

Primecoin vs. Tron

Tron has been releasing its games on mobile and Enjin is focusing on building a gaming ecosystem with their coin. Primecoin on the other hand is focusing on its unique Blockchain which produces Prime numbers. Their Blockchain is ideal for gaming because when compared to other currencies, the Primecoin blockchain has unique/nonfungible primechains of different gem grades.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in but they are focusing on integrating their Blockchain within their future game releases. They do have one game that recently got released and it allows users to earn XPM each month if they are the top players.

You can check the game out HERE

There is also a Desktop version that gives players a huge advantage, you can ask for it on their Telegram channel.

For the latest updates you can follow them on Twitter

P.S. as a treat for everyone who has read this to this part, here is the website which will be used for the gaming platform, so you can keep an eye out for it:

If you are a gamer and think that gaming is a great fit for Blockchain then this might be a great time to see what Blockchain companies are doing to tackle and enter this thriving industry. Who knows maybe Tron or Primecoin will be the first to release a VR game which will be fully integrated with the Blockchain?

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April 21, 2020