Crypto Fight Club Coin

Re: Request of funding to reach our next goals for Crypto Fight Club Coin
Fiscal Year 2019 – Q3 to Q1
Continued and Sustaining Development

Hello Crypto Fight Club Community and Supporters,

First I’d like to convey my Thank You for battling alongside us and all the support you have given thus far. As a community, we have grown together and succeeded together.

We have come to some really solid directions for CFCC and in doing so, we have come to our next hurdle begging us to overcome.

With the ideas that we have committed to presenting and bringing you, it will take some funding in order to bring these in progress ideas to the realization and levels they are meant to be.

I am writing to you to request funding as we need your assistance and continued support in raising capital in order to progress with the next development phases of Crypto Fight Club Coin.

As you have heard me mention on my Chat-Casts and the latest interview on Your Crypto Daily, I eluded to some special developments for our beloved coin. The main development has a unique opportunity to:

  • have a mobile wallet, both Android and iOS that can and will stake/ mint coins as PoS
  • allow multiple coins to be added for utilization

What you have read on the new Crypto Fight Club white-paper details a media information hub where scam reports can be filed and disseminated across all social media platforms.

This presents an opportunity to:

  • take in scam reports from Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms as they become readily available
  • disseminate that information while maintaining, cataloguing and sorting scams in a central location
  • allows those inclined to become affiliates to have a space for advertising, news and updates
  • have a member only special airdrops, giveaways and promotions

Yet other developments have been presented which is integration into games. Our developer is currently working on integration of our project into a very popular game.

This allows for the opportunity for:

  • allowing more from the gaming community in to our world of cryptocurrency by earning CFCC and our other project coins via the games platform
  • create an interaction between communities building an even stronger foundation
  • there also paying for listing in games like AirCoins

With your contribution, you will receive (The amount of coins to coincide with your donation) along with membership to our upcoming media service hub.

Also, we will be holding coin bundle packages available for those who are willing to help continue the progression of CFCC.

Our objective is to raise capital in the amount of 3.7 BTC

And utilized for the following expenditures:

  • Wallet submission to android for PlayStore integration – 1 BTC give or take
  • Hosting and Bandwidth fees for Hub, Maintenance, Upgrades, Expansion – 1 BTC
  • Listing fee for integration in AirCoins or similar game, Hosting/ Bandwidth as well as maintenance for Game Server integration with popular game -1 BTC
  • Other miscellaneous expenditures not anticipated – 0.7 BTC

We the Core Team of Crypto Fight Club will be grateful for your consideration supporting by contributing to expenses that will be incurred.

Thank You Everyone in advance for your consideration and look forward to seeing the great things that we can create and accomplish making us the community that all others envy.

We Are Crypto Fight Club!

The Pharaoh
Fernando Rodriguez Jr.
Founder – Officer Executive
Marketing and investments