Is Sakhi Coin the Crypto Project with the Highest APR and the Future of Decentralised Exchange?

Is Sakhi Coin the Crypto Project with the Highest APR and the Future of Decentralised Exchange?

Sakhi Coin

When it comes to making money investing in cryptocurrency, the most popular way of going about it is to buy the coin, store it in a secure wallet and hope for the price of the coin to rise. The past 18 months has however proven this method to be faulted. The market has been in a consistent downtrend which has left a lot of people who bought the coin at its highest level bankrupt. The failure of this method right now has resulted in the invention of other methods of making money off the crypto market. Of all these methods, we will only be discussing the most straightforward, easy, not far from the norm and highly effective way of making money off the crypto market—Staking. Before we talk about staking, there is a need to understand what proof of stake is

What is Proof of stake?

Proof of stake has been defined as a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. Just like the name suggests, nodes are required to have some amount of coin stored in a wallet connected to the network. The reward awarded to each node is dependent on the wallet size of the network users. In some cases, a reward in percentage is usually kept in place. This reward usually ranges from 10% per year to 100%. In some very rare case, the percentage return can be up to 800% per year. A case in point is that of the Sakhi Coin platform.

The Sakhi Coin Platform

The Sakhi Coin is a high staking coin, with a steady APR of 800%. According to its developers, the coins are designed to improve the earning potential of the current market using a Proof of Stake consensus which allows network users to stake their coins and receive compensation for supporting the network.

Proof of stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies, the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e., the stake).

Pillars of the Project

The two main pillars of the project have been defined by its developers as:

  • To Serve as an acceptable way of payment by companies and businesses.
  • To provide a decentralized exchange with many pairing options

In accordance with these goals, the Sakhi Coin will be primarily used as a medium of exchange for all the services this project will offer.

Achieving the Goals

The general adoption of the coin by the public as a form of payment and merging with other startups which is referred to as the second pillar can be achieved using several means such as a bonus program, a shared incentive program, loyalty programs and much more.

In the nearest future, the project will create outside partnerships.

The project team is in the final stages of listings, talks, support, acceptance, and integrations of any of the project’s future plans. Partnerships are still being negotiated and the exchanges being considered are, Hitbtc, and Nova Exchange. The pre-sale of the coin is expected to begin by the end of March 2019.

The SakhiDEx Decentralised Exchange

SakhiDEx is a non-custodial decentralised exchange. Due to the proposed security features on SakhiDEx decentralised exchange, hackers will find it difficult to steal unsecured crypto. Users’ funds are being held by them, therefore, the risk is reduced. With the proposed security features on SakhiDEx decentralized exchange, it will be highly unlikely that the same could happen here.

Another big advantage of the decentralised exchange is the presence of an off-chain order book and onchain settlement which enables its users to place and adjust orders in real-time. This is done by the website host in centralised exchanges.

Importantly, the major agenda of Sahki project is cutting out the middleman and enhancing Peer-to-peer transactions. While most decentralised exchanges are more focused on transactions and safety, SakhiDEx project intends to add value by making its native coin useable.

The propose SakhiDEx decentralized exchange will have several attributes which are aimed at marketing it well, in order to attract more users. Usability is a major feature as well as intuitive along with a User Interface (UI) which is easy to use, and Dex functionality.

All these attributes are sure going to ensure the project is a success. The funding of crowd and contribution of invest as well as adoption strategies will ensure liquidity. The Project’s state-of-the-art POS algorithm is also written to accommodate scaling of the project.

At the time when the project will be launched, the SakhiDEx will be able to host a lot of coins and will organise competitions for listing on the exchange via community voting and paid listing. This will provide an excellent platform for smaller or less funded projects to list on this revolutionary platform.

System Downtime will also become a thing of the past. A decentralized exchange, which exists across a geographically distributed network of computers/nodes, is much less likely to experience technical difficulties or crashes. In order to give other nodes the option to maintain the Data integrity of the Dex, updates are done one node at a time.

The key take away from the Sakhi Coin project is its high steady APR of 800%. This is by far one the highest return on investment that any project in the crypto market can offer to its participants. For anyone looking to invest in any crypto project, the Sakhi Coin seems to be the best and safest option out there.