A Comprehensive Review of the Vidulum App

A Comprehensive Review of the Vidulum App

Vidulum App

At its core, Vidulum is a web-based crypto wallet that offers support for multiple coins. It offers users various earning opportunities that include V-staking through the app or through masternodes and mining on the blockchain. In the future, there are plans to expand the current V-staking model, creating the V-rewards system. In addition to earning a VDL coin, one of the main benefits of using Vidulum is that you retain full control of your private keys.

What is the Role of the VDL Blockchain?

The Vidulum platform consists of the VDL blockchain and Vidulum App. These two elements are separate but complementary. Users of the Vidulum App are given rewards, which are collected and are marked for fair distribution to users.

You Have Full Access and Control of Your Wallet Assets

When you use the Vidulum web app, it ensures that you do not have to carry your crypto with you at all times via a hardware wallet, which could be lost or damaged. Instead, you have full access to the crypto as long as you have access to an internet connection and a modern web browser.

Vidulum App is unlike a crypto exchange wallet, you do not have to worry about giving up control of your crypto coins. Once you send crypto to an online crypto exchange, they have full control and custody of your coins. As a result, they can deny you access to the coins at will.

The Vidulum team created a proprietary method, which ensures that private keys are generated on the client’s side. These keys are not sent back to the Vidulum team. As a result, they have no way of accessing your coins. Just like a hardware wallet, you are the sole custodian of your crypto coins. The platform will allow you to export your individual private key or all of them at once via the settings section of the web wallet.

Secure and Easy Login

Most other online crypto wallets require that you have the private key with you and additionally, that you store a mnemonic phrase. If you lose any of these, you could lose access to your crypto.

On the Vidulum web wallet app, the process is quite simple. You only need a password, numeric pin and a unique username, which are generated by the user upon the creation of their account. Each step of the process comes with simple instructions to help you get started quickly.

Use best practices when creating the password. For instance, remember that a long password with various letters and characters is harder to guess. As a non-custodial wallet, the Vidulum team has designed the platform so that they cannot restore account access as the web wallet generates your private keys. As a result, ensure you backup your login credentials and your private keys.

The Vidulum team has incorporated two-factor authentication for those creating an account, which can be accessed through the settings page. Once it is set up, the 2FA will be required when a user logs into their account, sends crypto from the web wallet or exports the private key. While 2Fa might seem like an extra inconvenience, it is important in ensuring the security of your crypto assets.

Quickly Send and Receive Crypto

The Vidulum App makes it easy to send and receive crypto. Once a user enters the app, they will see a breakdown of their crypto holdings, the list of supported wallets, and their transaction history. Additionally, they will see some network stats.

Users can pick a favorite crypto coin or search for a given crypto coin in the wallet list. Additionally, they can copy the address of the crypto wallet or generate a QR code for the wallet. To receive crypto, a user can click on the receive button and copy the wallet address or utilize the QR code. When sending crypto, users can visit a coin page by clicking on its icon or they can use the quick send button, pick a receiving address, the amount, and then enter their credentials needed to send the crypto.


Since its launch, nearly two years ago, the Vidulum app has grown quite popular. It’s a non-custodial crypto storage solution, which allows people to maintain full control of the crypto assets, and has been especially liked by the crypto community. It is an important app in the crypto community that is making it easier for many people globally to gain easy access to a secure wallet service. As a result, Vidulum is helping to fulfill the desire of Satoshi Nakamoto for the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.