Safe Deal – Allowing P2P Exchange of Files, Coins, & Information, All Anonymously

Safe Deal – Allowing P2P Exchange of Files, Coins, & Information, All Anonymously

Safe Deal

The promise of decentralization and peer-to-peer exchange offered by blockchain is slowly catching up with next-generation businesses. With massive data flow across the internet every second, users are looking for solutions that offer them better control and autonomy over their information.

The distributed ledger technology (DLT) and peer-to-peer solutions offer perfect use-case for users to get absolute freedom over their finances and data. Safe Deal is one such person-to-person platform that allows users to exchange their coins, information, and other files with each other.

Safe Deal works as an escrow agent between the two transacting parties. Besides, the platform is completely decentralized which ensures that the users’ information is completely secure with Safe Deal. Only when both the parties in the P2P exchange agree for the transaction, Safe Deal will process it further.

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges that aim to maintain complete transparency, Safe Deal instead prefers to stay anonymous. The P2P exchange says that it can facilitate complete anonymous deals while maintaining the highest level of privacy without compromising on safety.

Thus, Safe Deal doesn’t force its users to go through any kind of mandatory KYC procedure. As said the Safe Deal Escrow Service ensures that there are no fraudulent activities on the platform.

Key Features of the Safe Deal Platform

The Safe Deal platform brings a number of interesting features and support services to its users. Some of the key features of the Safe Deal platform are:

  • The Safe Deal platform offers multi-language support catering to users worldwide. This helps users from two different regions to communicate easily.
  • The Safe Deal platform supports Diversity Payments to support different payment methods for deals.
  • The online chat feature allows buyers and sellers to chat in real-time during a P2P exchange.
  • Safe Deal also has a user rating system wherein the Byers and sellers can rate each other. Thus, it creates a trust system wherein the two transacting parties can check each other’s trust score beforehand.
  • Safe Deal offers high-end security to user accounts with the latest two-factor authentication system.
  • The Safe Deal platform always keeps its users informed of the latest developments and transactions through SMS and email notification.

SFD Coin – Powering the Safe Deal Platform

The SFD Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Safe Deal platform that servers as a fuel powering the entire network. All transactions on the Safe Deal platform happen using the SFD cryptocurrency.

The SFD Coin is a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that allows its users to stake their coins and earn passive income. Besides, using the SFD Coin, users can create their own Masternode and earn higher income returns.

Masternodes are similar to regular nodes on a blockchain platform that helps in keeping the network active and verifying transactions. However, Masternodes have higher responsibility with the overall security of the blockchain and they can’t afford to go offline.

Users can buy the SFD Coins on some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Graviex, Crex24, and Finebox. To allow users to host the SFD Coin masternode, Safe Deal has also partnered with several masternode hosting platforms like Crypos, MM Host,, Gentarium, and iHost MN. Apart from it, users can participate in shared masternode service in famous Simple PoS Pool services.

Users can also track the SFD Coin price in real-time on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Besides, they can also track SFD Coin prices using popular mobile apps like Blockfolio and Delta. At press time, each SFD Coin is trading at a price of $20.0 The SFD Coin wallets are currently available on two major computing platforms – Windows and Linux.


The Safe Deal platform offers global users the platform to transfer money or share information in an absolute decentralized manner without depending on any third-party intermediary. Besides, it also offers users absolute privacy through anonymity.