SCRIV Network [OLD]

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SCRIV Network

Your Data Verified

The Scriv Network and ecosystem is a unified blockchain technology that delivers state-of-the-art data assurance, verification, time-stamping and an IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) network. The Network provides safety, impartiality, and cost – efficiency without the need for a third-party intermediary.

The SCRIV network can verify the existence of digital data at any point in time. This data is linked with a publicly verifiable date and time (timestamp) to provide data assurance. This link can be verified without the need for a centralized service or third-party authority. The data assurance of the SCRIV Network allows users to verify data ownership and its originality.

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Technologies behind this project

Hashing is the process of submitting data to the input of a hashing algorithm which returns a short hash identifier (that allows for the data to be uniquely distinguished) as output. This output is called a “hash.” The hash is used to quickly distinguish datasets without having to compare the entire contents.

Also referred to as POW, the proof-of-work system is very effective at protecting the network from abuse (i.e. DoS attack). With POW, complicated operations are solved on the client side, and then easily and quickly verified on the server side. The primary benefit of POW is the validation of the asymmetry of the time expenditure.

Typical blockchain nodes are servers which run on a decentralized P2P network. These nodes allow peers to send and receive updates across the network. The nodes require the ability to handle significant amounts of traffic and other resources and carry substantial cost with little reward.

IPFS Network
IPFS is a distributed file system which synthesizes successful ideas from previous peer-to-peer systems, including DHTs, BitTorrent, Git, and SFS. The contribution of IPFS is simplifying, evolving, and connecting proven techniques into a single cohesive system, greater than the sum of its parts. IPFS presents a new platform for writing and deploying applications and a new system for distributing and versioning large data. IPFS could even evolve the web itself. IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository.

IPFS is an ambitious vision of new decentralized Internet infrastructure, upon which many different kinds of applications can be built. At the bare minimum, it can be used as a global, mounted, versioned filesystem and namespace, or as the next generation file sharing system.

Network structure and operation

The SCRIV Network’s operation algorithm is as follows:

  • User load data to be verified (PDF, JPEG, ZIP) in the wallet.
  • SHA3 Hash is generated.
  • Wallet checks the SCRIV blockchain to determine if this is new data or if has it already been established on the blockchain in the past. – New Data -> Launch Data Assurance Process
    • User pays assurance fee.
    • Data is saved to IPFS network (generation of service data).
  • SCRIV EXPLAINED All required verification data is inserted into the next block of the SCRIV blockchain.
    • Previously Assured Data -> Launch Verification process
  • Search the SCRIV blockchain for the service data.
  • The algorithm returns IPFS address of the data.

Verified data can be accessed on the IPFS network through the SCRIV block explorer when the necessary conditions are satisfied.


In addition to the rewards paid for block generation, miners and masternode operators receive assurance fees. These fees are paid by the user. The first part of this reward is included in the next block and paid to the miner who found it. The second part is distributed equally among all running masternodes.

Privacy and anonymity

All user-dependent SCRIV operations are available within the wallet. The SCRIV network provides a fast and secure connection between the user, the blockchain, and the IPFS network.

This blockchain is built upon the Dash source code, and all network transactions and file transfers are secured with high-level encryption. By default, public keys are private. However, a user can request to link his identity to his public key. This requires that personal information is confirmed. Once this information has been verifi­ed, the users public key will then be appropriately labeled.

By default, all verified data is encrypted before it is saved to the IPFS network. However, it is also possible to save it as-is so that it will be publicly available.

SCRIV data verification service (DVS)

  • data secured by SCRIV blockchain
  • IPFS storage
  • network fueled by SCRIV coin
  • fast assurance and verification process
  • instant file access
  • public API
  • Internet-of-Things integration

SCRIV revolutionizes data storage with IPFS (Interplanetary File Storage) and provides next-level data validation with blockchain hash analysis. SCRIV is useful for governments, small and large companies as well as educational institutions, copywriters, artists and a lot more besides.

Usage of DVS
  • Document Timestamping
  • Demonstrating Data Ownership Without Revealing the Actual Data
  • Verifying Document Integrity
  • Preventing Unwanted Duplication and Overwriting

Use cases

Demonstrating data ownership without revealing actual data

This can be used to help protect content creators as well as retailers who sell digital goods. The content creator can protect his content by assigning a unique identifier (hash) on the SCRIV network which he can then give to authorized resellers. The customer can then be confident that the reseller owns the rights to sell the content by checking the assigned hash on the SCRIV network.

Document time stamping

This functionality can be used within the sphere of law where determining the originality of data plays a significant role. The SCRIV network can verify that digital data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) has not been altered or modified since being immutably registered and timestamped on the SCRIV blockchain.

Verifying document integrity

The SCRIV network can be used to ensure the integrity of business documents and contracts. When a document is registered on the SCRIV network it will be impossible for changes to be made without the knowledge of both parties. If changes are made, the document will fail validation.

Preventing unwanted duplication and overwriting

The usage of the SCRIV blockchain, in combination with the IPFS network, protects against unwanted storage duplication and the overwriting of documents.


SCRIV is the native coin of the SCRIV Network ecosystem. SCRIV will be attributed to a variety of functions in the Data Assurance service based on it’s own blockchain. Also, this cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method for products like our own StackOfStake masternode service and project’s Universal Miner mining software, along with other services. Project’s team is building strong partnerships with other exciting projects, which allows them to integrate and use SCRIV as their payment method.

Coin specification

Coin name: SCRIV Coin
Coin ticker: SCRIV
Algorithm: Tribus
Type: PoW / Masternodes
Maximum Coin Supply: ~ 146 000 000 SCRIV
Block Time: 30 sec
Premine: 24 000 000
Masternode Collateral: 100 000
RPC Port: 7998
P2P Port: 7979
Transaction Confirmations: 15
Block Max Size: 4MB

Masternode services


StackOfStake is a unique instant shared masternode service. It allows anyone to receive passive income without the difficulty, hassle and costs involved with setting up your own mining set up. Simply register and deposit your coins and away you go. Get started in less than 2 minutes with our easy-to-use interface.

Features of StackOfStake platform – powered by SCRIV

  • Full automation
    • All operations of service are automated. The human factor has been removed to increase performance.
  • Enterprise-grade security
    • These services and servers are secured in the best way.
  • Only the best projects
    • The team applies stringent listing criteria to all projects. Only the top contenders are supported.
  • Referral system
    • Invite friends using a referral link and receive part of their rewards.
  • Instant rewards
    • Masternode rewards are instantly credited to your balance.
  • Instant reinvestment
    • Every new reward is instantly reinvested to allow for maximum overall income.
  • Instant deposit
    • Coin deposits are instantly credited to the balance and included into the masternode pool.
  • Instant withdraw
    • Receive instant access to your coins. Withdrawals are processed within 5-10 min.

Visit website HERE

Universal Miner – a cross-platform client-server application by SCRIV

The Universal Miner is a cross-platform client-server application that automates the managing and monitoring of CPU, GPU, PFGA and ASIC mining farms. It’s a universal solution which allows for a super fast and simple installation. Just plug and play. It allows you to mine the most profitable coins at any given time in real time. A notification system also keeps you up to date with any changes as and when they happen.Software Features

  • Profitability Switching
    • Profitability switching uses both pool and exchange rate statistics to automatically switch between multiple pools, algorithms, and mining software to always ensure the highest possible profitability.
  • Multiple Mining Algorithms
    • Universal Miner has support for multiple mining software and more than 30 mining algorithms. You can add a new algorithm anytime.
  • Exchanges
    • Universal Miner has support for multiple exchanges such as Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptopia, CoinExchange, YoBit, CryptoBridge, TradeSatoshi and so on.
  • Hardware
    • Monitor the status and temperature of devices. System information is available for CPU, GPU, memory, and storage.
  • Notifications
    • Telegram-bot and SMS for notifications and management of the rigs.
  • Pool Management
    • Add, switch and manage mining pools easily. Track the status of each pool and define coin to see profitability.

A fully-functional trial version of the mining software – Try it now HERE.
Login: demo | Password: demodemodemo


Q1 2018
 SCRIV NETWORK | SCRIV Official Mining Pool launch
 SCRIV NETWORK | Minor pre-launch and after-launch marketing campaign
 SCRIV coin | SCRIV blockchain genesis block – 10th March 2018
 SCRIV coin | Exchange fast listing – Graviex
 SCRIV coin | Decentralized exchange listing – BarterDEX
 SCRIV coin | Listing confirmation at VicEX pending

Q2 2018
 SCRIV NETWORK | Major marketing campaign
 SCRIV NETWORK | Community bounty campaign
 SCRIV NETWORK | Release of reworked website and whitepaper
 SCRIV coin | Hardfork, to bring improved low-emission economy model
 SCRIV coin | Essential listings: MNO, CoinLib, calendars, mining calculators, etc.
 Data Assurance | Market research and analysis
 StackOfStake | Service v.1.0 release – exclusive for SCRIV coin holders
 StackOfStake | Scalability Update development
 Universal Miner | Development start

Q3 2018
 SCRIV coin | Crex24 exchange listing
 Data Assurance | Integration possibility evaluation – data transfer, IPFS, files size and service scalability
 Data Assurance | Priorities change – focus on other ecosystem services
 StackOfStake | Service v.2.0 Public Release
 StackOfStake | First partnerships and projects listed
 Universal Miner | Core application development
 Universal Miner | New features, integrations, and improvement research

Q4 2018
 SCRIV coin | Coinmarketcap listing
 SCRIV coin | STEX exchange listing
 StackOfStake | Security audit by Cryptech Services
 Universal Miner | Profitability switching and pool management algorithms development
 Universal Miner | Internal alpha test

Q1-Q2 2019
 SCRIV NETWORK | Marketing campaign
 SCRIV NETWORK | Whitepaper v.2.0 release
 SCRIV coin | SCRIV Insight block explorer launch
 SCRIV coin | Web wallet release
 SCRIV coin | Paper wallet release
 StackOfStake | Premium plan release (advanced statistics and usability) – to be paid in SCRIV
 StackOfStake | Mobile apps for Android and iOS release
 StackOfStake | Service public API release
 Universal Miner | Demo version release
 Universal Miner | UI/UX improvement

Q3-Q4 2019
 SCRIV coin | Android, iOS wallets release
 SCRIV coin | Bigger exchange listing
 SCRIV coin | Coin burn
 Data Assurance | Hardfork/swap of SCRIV coin for full compatibility with new protocol
 Data Assurance | Service alpha version release
 StackOfStake | Express Trade feature release
 StackOfStake | Service v.3.0 release – details to be announced in future
 Universal Miner | Public release

 SCRIV NETWORK | StackOfStake Express Trade feature becomes a separate ecosystem product
 SCRIV coin | Desktop lite wallet release
 SCRIV coin | Coin burn
 Data Assurance | Service public release
 Data Assurance | IPFS integration
 Data Assurance | Public API beta release
 Data Assurance | IoT Integration research
 SCRIV Express Trade | Non-masternode coins listing