SCRIV Network: the Perfect Tool to Ensure the Security and Tamper-Proofing of Your Most Important Data

SCRIV Network: the Perfect Tool to Ensure the Security and Tamper-Proofing of Your Most Important Data

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The core purpose of blockchain technology is to ensure and ascertain the integrity of data. This is ensured through the use of a distributed ledger system which is publicly accessible to everyone. This idea of ensuring that data is safe from tampering has gained ground and has seen many companies and countries adopting the technology to better their existing ones or build a new one. The usefulness of blockchain technology has since surpassed data verification and trust. The community has shifted towards more monetary based use of DLT. Most idea surrounding the ecosystem is focused on creating new money. This has resulted in many scam coins and blockchain project being developed and many greedy investors are falling victim of this scam.

With the hype surrounding the crypto market subsiding, several scam coins are getting delisted and vision-less projects dying a natural death, the time for a project that truly exemplifies the true glory of what blockchain tech is capable of, is now. A good example of such a project is the Scriv Network.

The Scriv Network

When it comes to delivering state-of-the-art data assurance, verification, time-stamping and an IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) network the best project out here is the Scriv Network. The Scriv network focuses on the real and intended use case of DLT. Exploring the benefits attached to using blockchain technology to ensure transparency. The Scriv network is reducing the need to trust centralised services which have failed woefully when it comes to ensuring the integrity of data. With its state of the art blockchain technology, the SCRIV network can verify the existence of digital data at any point in time. This data is linked with a publicly verifiable date and time (timestamp) to provide data assurance.

Without having to depend on a centralized service or third-party authority, this link can be verified. The SCRIV Network boasts of a superior data assurance network which provides its users with the tool necessary for them to verify data ownership and its originality.

Unlike most blockchain project out there, the SCRIV Network has a real life use case. Apart from having a real use, the network use cases are needed in society and are not far fetched or unrealistic, to say the least. Also, anyone can make use of the SCRIV network. From emergency operations to everyday use, from large companies to educational institutions. It can be used by lawyers, copywriters, artists, etc.

Below we will discuss some of the use cases of the SCRIV Network.

Use cases

This can be used to help protect content creators as well as retailers who sell digital goods. The content creator can protect his content by assigning a unique identi­er (hash) on the SCRIV network which he can then give to authorized resellers. The customer can then be confident that the reseller owns the rights to sell the content by checking the assigned hash on the SCRIV network.

This functionality can be used within the sphere of law where determining the originality of data plays a significant role. The SCRIV network can verify that digital data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) has not been altered or modified since being immutably registered and timestamped on the SCRIV blockchain.

The SCRIV network can be used to ensure the integrity of business documents and contracts. When a document is registered on the SCRIV network it will be impossible for changes to be made without the knowledge of both parties. If changes are made, the document will fail validation.

The usage of the SCRIV blockchain, in combination with the IPFS network, protects against unwanted storage duplication and the overwriting of a document.

In this age of corruption, it has become increasingly difficult to trust that documents will not be doctored in favour of another entity. With the use of technology like the one provided by the SCRIV network, the need to trust a third-party organisation or individual becomes eliminated. Whether you are trying to make sure your will is not tampered with while you are gone or that your business partners don’t tamper with the business agreement documents the SCRIV network has you covered.