SpaceChain Opens UK Branch

SpaceChain Opens UK Branch


According to a recent report, SpaceChain has now opened a new branch in the United Kingdom in order to explore opportunities available in the European commercial space ecosystem.

SpaceChain to Explore European Market

SpaceChain which is based in Singapore now has a branch in the United Kingdom. The branch was created with the aim of exploring advance space technologies which are available in Europe and use it to develop the economy via SpaceChain’s satellite infrastructure and blockchain technology.

The branch which is named SpaceChain UK Limited is located in Harwell, Oxfordshire at the Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC), an independent innovation and technology company created by Innovate UK.

To launch its new venture, SpaceChain worked alongside SAC to host a workshop program which had over 60 professionals from all over the UK in attendance. The workshop was in order to utilise the opportunities of blockchain technologies and how to apply it in the commercial space industry. The workshop also introduced the potential of a space platform which is community-based.

Zee Zheng, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of SpaceChain said that:

“Last year, I travelled to the UK about six to seven times. During those visits, I met a lot of potential partners from various UK-based space companies and learned more about the ecosystem there. From tracking satellites to building new rockets, the UK has played a vital role in the development of the space industry and we see more opportunities on the horizon.”

SpaceChain has formed a partnership with several companies which are located in the United Kingdom. This include Alba Orbital, a pioneer in the development of PockrtQube satellites; Open Cosmos which is a microsatellite platform designed to manage the process of bringing satellite services to businesses; and NanoAvionics, a nanosatellite mission integrator that delivers new generation satellite buses and propulsion systems.
SpaceChain’s Chief Commercial Officer, Nick Trudgen is the Director of the new UK office. Trudgen is a native of the UK who speaks Mandarin flawlessly and he is a specialist in the UK – China trade and investment, with a focus on space, satellite, and telecommunications.