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XChainZ educational platform

XChainZ – A Blockchain-based Educational Platform with a Rewarding XCZ Mechanism

Decentralized blockchain technology has been popularized over the last decade with the rapid growth of the FinTech sector. However, apart from just FinTech, blockchain technology finds its use-cases in a myriad of other applications. The transparent, tamper-proof, and secure feature of blockchain technology has been the key driver of its use in multiple industries. One…
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Manera School of Technology

KOINON Brings Blockchain Education to Africa With Its Manera School of Technology

While the world commerce has integrated and we are recognized as global shoppers and consumers, the traditional financial institutions have failed to remove the cross-border payments friction. KOINON – the global digital coin and token-based payments platform aims to transform global payments and remittance using the power of blockchain technology and decentralized cryptocurrency. Overcoming the…
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