KOINON Brings Blockchain Education to Africa With Its Manera School of Technology

KOINON Brings Blockchain Education to Africa With Its Manera School of Technology

Manera School of Technology

While the world commerce has integrated and we are recognized as global shoppers and consumers, the traditional financial institutions have failed to remove the cross-border payments friction.

KOINON – the global digital coin and token-based payments platform aims to transform global payments and remittance using the power of blockchain technology and decentralized cryptocurrency.

Overcoming the barriers of traditional finance, KOINON aims to provide a seamless and frictionless crypto-payments ecosystem that constitutes all participants like unbanked, underbanked, enterprises, NGO’s and merchants.

KOINON is on a mission to transform blockchain-based digital payments and create an ecosystem with universal point-of-sale (PoS) acceptance. The blockchain platform is working on an OmniChannel payment acceptance constituting a variety of payment methods like fiat-based eWallet/MobilePay solutions, cards (like debit/credit cards or crypto-linked debit cards), and crypto-based eWallets (supporting multiple cryptocurrencies like KOIN, KMD, XRP, XLM, BCH, etc).

KOIN understands the economic challenges of real-world consumers and allows consumers to buy and hold KOIN as an alternative to other deflationary currencies or markets with higher economic volatility.

Apart from this, KOINON has undertaken a very bold initiative of bringing blockchain education to Africa and getting the youth prepared with the skillset to meet the next-generation technology challenges.

KOINON Partners With Manera School of Technology

For its educational initiative, KOINON has partnered with the Manera School of Technology to provide an accredited curriculum of online blockchain courses.

The KOINON Ecosystem has co-developed this curriculum in partnership with the Manera School of Technology with an aim of knowledge building, training, and education. Through its KOINON Technology services, the project also aims to promote R&D and other real-world project implementations.

In one of the recently undertaken projects in Zimbabwe, the KOINON-powered Manera School of Technology has joined hands with the country’s government-owned second-largest telecom Net One.

The Manera School of Technology has secured rights for Zimbabwe to provide stable payments and savings using Koinon global cross-border cryptocurrency blockchain.

Manera and Net One together have established a completely integrated Net One Bulk Biller Software System. This gives Zimbabwe citizens access to better quality, low cost, safe and secure means to protect their money against hyperinflation in the country.

KOINON founder Matthew Mecke said:

“This is a huge problem for the whole economy in Zimbabwe, both consumers and enterprises. The opportunity with Manera Credits/KOIN is very attractive and beneficial for them.”

Matthew Mecke

Collaboration With Microsoft

With its strong initiatives in place, KOINON has also got major support and global recognition by getting Microsoft as its collaborative partner.

The Manera School of Technology and KOINON in partnership have created an employment platform dubbed as the African Development Bank Coding. While working with Microsoft, this platform aims to provide employment opportunities and skillset to Africa’s youth by empowering them with all the Microsoft tools.

It provides all the necessary learning through tutorials that would guide the users to effectively use Microsoft tools in the rapidly expanding digital economy. Apart from this, it also teaches the youth the entrepreneurial and financial education required to cope up with the current market demands.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy helps learnings in the field of net generation technologies like Big Data, JavaScript, Minecraft, and other software developments.


Apart from just offering blockchain-based services, KOINON works with a larger vision of creating an inclusive ecosystem for all participants and delivering the right quality education for sustainable development.